One Month After… Akshay’s World of Words

In a few hours from now, exactly a month ago, our world came crashing down. Its been the darkest period in our lives and we’ve been through the emotional wringer with our thoughts, tears, fears and despair.

How does one stop hoping?! For that cheery phone call….., or the sudden ‘surprise visit’………the tight bear hug……  the words of love and comfort delivered with a smile and twinkle in the eye….?

We know you have all been with us and your empathy and support has meant a lot. It tells us to keep faith, and accept what we cannot change.

And yet, it is Akshay who gives us our greatest strength by what he did on 29th November 2016 – courageously and selflessly. He continues to be all around us. When my dad said last evening, “Every night Akshay is with me for at least 5 hours and I am talking to him a lot,” maybe he spoke for each one of us.

I leave you today with Akshay’s words and thoughts. Through these poems, he will tell you a little more about himself and what he stood for.



The soul needs time

A short and simple while

To grieve


For the pain in the heart

Hidden with all might

Must die


Hope must replace despair

Though all might not seem fair

To you


Light must brighten up the dark

Though it might be hard

It must


Faith must overtake hopelessness

Though it might seem helpless

At present


Peace must overtake worry

Though it cannot be done in a hurry

But slowly, it must


Joy should replace tears

Though the pain is hard to bear

It must


Fate has to be fought alone

Battles won and lost alone

And life must go on

Cruel as it may seem

For life is not a dream

Face it with courage

 -Akshay Girish



I was resting yesterday

Calm and content

In my little pool of water

When I saw human hands

Reach out to me.


Little could I understand

This new found friendship

For wasn’t I till yesterday



But poor innocent me

Went along without question

For I believed

A friend is to be trusted


They took me to

I know not where

And washed me with

Cold, cool water

Ah! What consideration

They showed to me

Knowing I am a water animal


Little did I know

What was to comep

Gripping my legsp

They stuck my head

Oh my! I was stunned

Vaguely conscious was i

Of a needle down my spine

“Pith him! Pith him!” They cried

A searing pain and then

No sensation


In front of my eyes

They cut me up

Mt nerve and muscle

To be attached elsewhere to a board

After a while

All humans have a smile

The experiment was a success

 -Akshay Girish



 Walk the Warriors

Towards the burning sand

Walk the Warriors

Towards the freezing icy slopes


Walk the Warriors

Through the large desert

Walk the Warriors

Climbing the high mountains


They do not look back

Or feel tiredness

They keep climbing higher

With the glow of boldness in their eyes


With hope they fight

Until they pass away

With love they fight

For the sake of their country


With sounds of bombing

With sounds of crying

They do not feel the pain

But continue their mission


The war slowly comes to an end

And just a few of them walk back

The rest lie on the bloody sand

While their lovers think about the good times

-Akshay Girish (written while in School)

69 thoughts on “One Month After… Akshay’s World of Words

  1. Hi aunty, such a beautiful poem. Life must go on, however cruel it may seem- so true. I hope you are drawing strength from Major’s memories and all his values he stood for. He is shinning bright like a beacon leading the way as he has always done. A big salute to Major, his entire family and love to Naina.

    Much love,


  2. Dear Girish and Meghna

    Your grief is something outsiders cannot fathom and the loss too hard to bear. But your courage in adversity has evoked admiration and given us an example, though we would have wished events turned otherwise. Thanks for Akshay’s poems which showcase a sensitive side one does not normally associate with the Army.

    With regards
    Ramesh Sukumaran


    • Akshay was sensitivity and compassion personified- along with brave and cheerful….. which is what made him so special. Thank you for your kind words. Best wishes.


  3. Yes a month and I still feel it is a bad dream and I will wake up soon. The day had started nice and bright till I hears about the attack in Nagrota. Then it went straight south. I agree to what Shruti and Arjun had said – live life the Akshay way….. positive and cheerful. This will the best tribute to him!


  4. Dear Ms. Meghana, I woke up this morning acutely aware of the date & recalling that it has already been a month. Through all the moments of grief, despair & pain in this past month, you have found the strength within yourself to speak about Akshay & share his moments & life stories with us.

    You have shown uncommon strength & it is an inspirational one! I wish though, like every one else, that this strength had come with less pain but I have also learnt over time that some of these things are inevitable.

    I pray that you (and every one of your family members) finds strength, peace and serenity everyday. May some of Akshay’s enthusiasm, love for life & commitment to a cause, rub off on all of us! That way, we will all have lived life a little more meaningfully. That would be the best tribute to such wonderful people and make the world a better place.

    Sending you prayers & hugs…lots of them.

    ps..I loved Akshay’s poems..thank you for sharing them with us. Will share my thoughts in detail after I reread them.


    • I hope your wishes and prayers do come true and we all are influenced by Akshay. Thank you for the tributes and look forward to your thoughts on Akshay’s poems. God bless you


  5. “Hope must replace depair”. I hope n pray it does, Aunty for your entire family. I really pray from the bottom of my heart. One month of knowing you as well.

    Loads of love & a warm tight bear hug.


  6. We thought we had lost a brave soldier but now realise, a poet, a great human had left us physically but his golden deeds and words will keep inspiring us! So proud of you Sir and blessed are your families and even us reading your words! Thank you.


  7. G K Chesterton had said,”A true Soldier fights not because He hates what is in front of Him but He loves what lies behind Him.”
    Our Akshay was a true Soldier and His name has not only been engraved on the walls of our Alma masters but also on our hearts.
    In this grief dear Meghna aunty we are all with you.
    Love always.


  8. And life must go on

    Cruel as it may seem

    So poignant now….Meghna ,Salute your strength,courage,sacrifice and love.
    You are an inspiration.No one can actually fathom your anguish and pain.You all are always in my thoughts and prayers.Take care…the world has so much to learn from you.
    Love and hugs.


  9. Hi Meghna ji,

    Your pain and sadness is what normal people like me would never truly understand but as a common Indian citizen and someone who has the greatest regard for the bravehearts who protect us , I want to assure you that we stand together with you in your grief and pain. The name “Akshay” probably also means ‘forever’ and ‘indestructible’ so he will forever be with us and his brave effort & unparalleled sacrifice will never ever be forgotten.

    Thanks a lot for sharing his beautiful poems and words which will continue to inspire us and keep his indestructible spirit alive. Jai Hind!

    Kind regards,
    Prasan Shirdhonkar


    • Yes Prasan, Akshay lives up to his name- one given to him by his grandfather. Thank you for your support -his spirit is getting stronger. God bless you. Jai Hind!


  10. Each of these poems show Akshays sensitivity and compassion. Frogs monologue blew me away completely. As a schoolboy he wrote Warriors probably with the conversations that adults had in his presence getting his imagination in turmoil..each poem superb
    Today will be a difficult day for all of you but remember and take solace that the entire country is with you in this moment. All your acquaintances leave alone friends feel your pain. Sending courage, positive vibes and hugs to all of you


    • Thanks for the hugs Geetanjali. Akshay, as you can see, wasn’t just a great soldier- he was a superb human being. Flawless. Love and hugs to you too.


  11. Heartfelt homage and big salute to Major Akshay. Words fall short to console you and the entire family today. May God give your family strength to overcome this tough time. Jai hind!!


  12. Hello aunty
    One month ago , I still remember that horrific day when i was busy with my studies and in between when I checked the phone i saw a notification from times of India that 2 army officers have been injured in the Nagrota attack. This was not a new news for me as for the past 4 months I have been hearing only attacks and deaths of soldiers in the border. Everyday I prayed that none should be added in the list of martyrs but may be God haven’t heard my prayers so that it resulted into Nagrota attack also.
    By evening i came to 7 personnel died and two were army officers.As I always had passion on army I began searching in detail about the incident and got to know the names of the martyrs. As i opened my fb i saw the pics of the martyrs. I was saddened. While scrolling down i saw a dad carrying his baby daughter in his hand . And down it was written that Major Akshay Girish,one of the martyrs of Nagrota attack. I can say it was this picture which struck in my mind for many days made me to reach to his story. When i saw that picture I remembered of Lt.Col Niranjan Ek who was martyred in the pathankot attack early this year .i have seen many of his pics with his cute daughter. Then there i began my research on Akshay sir and today i am proud to become a part of his story. And i am considering this as my best opportunity for knowing about my hero.


  13. Meghan, each poem is so touching esp the one on warriors and moving on. Its as if Akshay was preparing you all for the one news that no parent ever would wish to hear. Its a month since he is gone but much closer to our hearts than ever ,thanks to your lovely penned lines. Yours is a.brave family Meghana, hats off to each of you. God bless you all


  14. There has not been a single day gone by without having Akshay in my thoughts. We have such beautiful memories with him and so many that could last a lifetime..He has touched so many lives and in so many special ways…He has taught us that it is not important how long you live but how meaningfully you live! Warm warm hugs to all of you and lots of love!


    • True Mini- your brother is a very special soul and we are all blessed to have been connected to him. Love and hugs. God bless you, Aniket and family.


  15. I am Sripradish’s cousin and have been following your blog from the start. I haven’t met you or Neha or Major Akshay, but reading your blog it feels like I’ve known you all for long. I just want to express how proud of Major Akshay we are for what he did for our country. No words can express or heal the pain, but time surely will. May God give you all the strength to get through this difficult time.

    The poems are just beautiful.


    • Thank you Amitha. Hope to meet you soon. Pradish has been a huge support to us at this difficult time. Wish you could have met Akshay but guess some things are beyond our control. Do take care. God bless you and your family.


  16. Meghna……As always this left me misty eyed and a lump in the throat……Read and read the poems…. Profound words ….In Akshay’s words….”for life is not a dream….Face it with courage..,” and “they keep climbing higher with a glow of boldness in their eyes “……He lived these words too…..Hugs to you..


  17. Dear Meghna, Thinking of you all and keeping you in our prayers. Thank you so much for taking us through this memory. Such meaningful poems from a school boy !


  18. “There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.”
    In that respect Aunty, not only did you give Maj. Akshay the gift of life, but you also brought his story to life for all of us and especially Naina who would know her father more through these stories…
    Every morning I sit in my balcony in Kanchrapara and the first thing I see is their house… And its an eerie feeling
    Your blogs help so many of us who knew him for even a short while feel like we are still connected
    Thank you… I can’t believe it’s been a month



  19. It’s been one month tonight . We all sitting and thinking , how this can happen how could we have stopped.
    Then thinking of my school song , thinking this is Major Akshya’s inspired feeling
    ध्येय मार्ग पर चले वीर तो
ध्येय मार्ग पर चले वीर तो पीछे अब न निहारो
हिम्मत कभी न हारो॥
    तुम मनुष्य हो शक्ति तुम्हारे जीवन का संबल है
और तुम्हारा अतुलित साहस गिरी की भाँति अचल है
तो साथी केवल पल-भर को मोह-माया बिसारो॥
हिम्मत कभी न हारो ॥१॥
    मत देखो कितनी दूरी है कितना लम्बा मग है
और न सोचो साथ तुम्हारे आज कहाँ तक जग है
लक्ष्य-प्राति की बलिवेदी पर अपना तन मन वारो
हिम्मत कभी न हारो ॥२॥
    आज तुम्हारे साहस पर ही मुक्ति सुधा निर्भर है
आज तुम्हारे स्वर के साथी कोटि कंठ के स्वर है
तो साथी बढ़ चलो मार्ग पर आगे सदा निहारो॥
हिम्मत कभी न हारो ॥३॥

    With the spirit. We have to live


  20. है माँ जननी धीर वीर की, माँ भारती शूर वीर की। करूँ आरती एसे करमवीर की,यूधवीर की। जो न ढिगे करम पथ से , निर्भय हो बढ़े लकशय पथ पर। मात्रीभूमी की रक्षा मैं हो अग्रसर अन्तिम पथ पर।
    अश्रु भरे नयनों से श्रधाँजली।


  21. Mrs Girish…never in my thoughts had I ever thought of getting attached to some stranger or her family in a way that every word leaves a lasting impression on me…seeing pictures of Major Akshay with his daughter and lovely wife happily content with his life brings tears to eyes and pierces the soul…but what a family you people strong…I am sure eyes do get welled up every now and then but you all are handling it in the best possible way..what gives me immense peace is that his wife and his daughter are in great strong loving hands…i am sure with time wounds will heal and pain will subside…Let his wife know that god plans well for sure…and all of you will see it…Love to all of you


    • Thank you for your kind words Deergha. Yes, Akshay has connected so many of us in ways that are inexplicable. I dont know if the pain of his loss will ever subside but we as a family are together in being each other’s strength. That is one way we can honour our Akshay. And we love Sangeeta and Naina just as we love Neha, and her husband Pradish is proving to be such a big source of support to us all. Gods ways are unknown. We humans have to keep faith and love and live. God bless you and your family.


  22. Hello Meghna Ma’am,
    Time elapsed so fast… But not the grief…
    We can understand the pain… Maj. Akshay’s Martyrdom is above all…
    A great Warrior + know.
    We all are with you and family.
    Jai Hind


    • Thank you Amit. Akshay was a true soldier, independent thinker, poet, lover of life and people and above all, a very compassionate human being. God bless you and your family. Jai Hind.


  23. I am just a random Indian who is deeply hurt and saddened by the events that happened in Nagrota. I have read all your posts and he is born again through your blog. Keep telling us his story, we are all eager to know him better.
    It is heart breaking every time I see a picture of Maj. Akshay with family. But these poems (and previous posts) make me feel that he had a dream to sacrifice himself for our country. I am sure he is at peace for having died protecting his motherland, something that is most sacred to every soldier.
    As I feel proud of Maj. Akshay, I feel crestfallen thinking about Mrs Sangeeta and little Naina. They too are brave as our soldiers, so are you and the rest of your family. We can never forget your sacrifices as well. Though nothing can bring this world back to normal for you, I pray you all can find happiness by seeing Maj.Akshay through Naina. His sacrifice shall never be forgotten and will inspire each of us to do our best for our country.


    • We are grateful to you Pradnya for your words of comfort and understanding. Sangeeta is a true martyrs wife- brave and proud. Naina is a delight- innocent and unaware. Neha, Akshays twin, though heartbroken, and her husband Pradish- are pillars of support. With Akshay as our guardian angel, we all hope to gain strength and more love in this new year. Wish ou and your family every happiness. God bless.


  24. Dear aunty,ur writing &Maj.Akshay’s poems leave me numb today.some silent tears fills my heart with immense gratitude for the supreme & selfless sacrifice made by not only Maj.Akshay but also his entire family.the pictures with his little naina,his beloved wife sangeeta,his dearest grandma leaves us torn & shattered.Pray to god for courage to move on.tkcare.


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