I wait in a comfortable hospital, trying to write this piece, while Girish goes through a series of extensive tests spread over 3 days for his medical review. It is one year since his without-any-explanation heart attack after Akshay left. In the past week, we were disturbed by Sangeeta’s recent bouts of weakness and thankfully, her test reports are fine. My mind also wanders to Neha, her lack of being expressive about Akshay, particularly when she becomes very quiet. I have seen her crying over his pictures and videos. That Pradish is by her side is hugely reassuring for us. Even as I worry about loved ones, Naina and elderly parents included, I count our blessings and the fact that I have been fit and fine to tackle my role as ‘family anchor’. A friend said ‘the universe is looking after you.’ I do know who in that universe is continuing to take his responsibilities so seriously.

Kailash Calling

Back home, relieved because the doctor is happy with Girish’s medical review, Sangeeta, Neha, Girish and I are trying to catch up with family chatter even as super excited Naina yells and runs around Neha, demanding all her attention. As always! I look around to see if something needs to be done, dusted or cleaned and think of Akshay’s chatter. He loved a well-kept, tastefully decorated home and multiple times, had tried to get his no-fuss mother to ‘put up some beautiful paintings, some classy artifacts and pictures on the walls’. I had always resisted. Today, Akshay beams at us from most of the walls of our home. Millions of memories in the many pictures and memorabilia. Flowers adorn the vases beside him and so many visitors have gifted lovely, meaningful framed tributes in his honour. Typical of my raja beta to have the last laugh at his mom!

Overwhelmed by life after Akshay, Shiva’s calling became stronger. In this one month, so much has happened and I still have so much to absorb, learn and grow. I do not know where this journey of mine will end and so, will only try and focus on the path as of now. How did Kailash Mansarovar yatra happen to me and what did I experience? Not sure anyone can do justice to this deeply felt experience through mere words. All I promise is to try to sort, sequence and share how, when and what it has been like for me.

When did the longing for Kailash seep into the heart? Way back in early 2015, we, a group of close friends who normally holiday together discussed the yatra.  Unexpected events overtook our plans that year. Dearest friend Sanjeev who always led the friends brigade in vacation planning suddenly and shockingly left us. Next, the Nepal earthquake followed with thousands of precious lives lost, homes destroyed and Kailash yatra cancelled that year. When Akshay-Sangy-Naina came home on long leave for the Neha-Pradish wedding in October, we discussed our postponement of plans and he, always most excited about mountains and lakes, urged us to plan for 2016 and suggested we ‘make it to Sikkim if not Kailash, because Gurudongmar lake is a must see for its beauty and peace.’ With roads and infrastructure very badly hit, Kailash even in 2016 was not open by road. My old back injury had me in bed for almost 6 weeks mid-year, and before 2016 ended, Akshay had shockingly left us in pride and pain forever.

As they say, ‘Bulava nahin aaya, toh kaise jaate? (If the calling hasnt come, how can you go?)’  The next year and half, Girish and I suddenly found ourselves in altered roles – from empty-nest-parents to trying to be the main support system for Sangeeta and Naina in our most difficult times as a family. Then August last year, we learnt how grief can affect the most stoic fathers in ways we least expect. It hit us extremely hard and medically, not only grounded Girish from his flying, but also ruled him out for the high-altitude Kailash-Mansarovar trek.

As Girish made a slow but steady recovery, changed jobs, and the kids tried to get back on track with their lives and careers, something within me kept burning. The Kailash flame refused to dim and after speaking with Girish, a year plus after Akshay, I went ahead and registered alone for the yatra. I chose the Isha Foundation’s ‘Sacred Walks’ in February-March 2018 and submitted all documents, including the most comprehensive medical test reports which proved I was physically fit. Next, I completed the mandatory ‘Inner Engineering’ program in June, practiced the Yoga and ‘Shambhavi Maha Mudra’ taught to us, tried to brisk-walk each day, and soon, it was time to pack my bags for the two-week yatra, which I feel is a huge blessing for me in this lifetime.

Mansarovar and Kailash with Isha

There are different routes to Mansarovar and Kailash and we were taking the route via Kathmandu in Nepal to China-Tibet. As fellow Yatri’s of Isha’s A1 batch, we met in Kathmandu on 31st July and the buoyant feeling that raised my spirits from day one surprised me! Here I was, all alone and away from my family with my phone not working because I had not taken international roaming, and barely any ‘pangs’ of not being constantly connected to folks back home? Was this a sign? One that seemed to be telling me to focus on the experiences that were to follow? I managed to get a message across to Girish saying all was well and let go of my family for the next two weeks.

There was so much to look forward to, so much to experience, to learn, and to savour on this journey to Shiva’s abode. A wonderfully scenic, straight-out-of-picture-books passage, Sadhguru’s incomparable discourses that captivated us during daily ‘Satsang’s’, an extremely capable young coordinator and team of Isha volunteers guiding us, constant medical assistance and effective advice for wellness at high altitudes, Sherpa’s from the Trekkers Society of Nepal for all logistical arrangements, and our diverse-yet-united group of almost equal numbers of women and men, aged between 24 to 66.

After a day and night in pretty but crowded Kathmandu, we boarded a flight to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, now a part of China. Taking off from an elevation of about 4500 feet, flying over some awesome mountains, valleys and rivers, we landed at 12000 feet and felt the effects of cool, rarified atmosphere. During the hour’s bus ride from Lhasa airport to the ‘Lhasa Brahmaputra’ hotel, low oxygen levels had us take our deep breathing exercises seriously. At tea, we were told to take it easy and not walk much the first evening. So we tucked ourselves into bed early to help acclimatize better and be fit for sightseeing the next day.


Much higher then Leh in Ladakh of J&K, Lhasa is just as beautiful, with its serene high-altitude desert-landscape at the outskirts of the city. The city centre has excellent infrastructure, public transportation, eateries, markets and monuments that are well worth a visit. We spent the day visiting among other sights, the revered Jokham Temple with long queues of Tibetans waiting with ‘offerings’ in flasks and the beautiful Potala Palace, Dalai Lama’s former residence framed atop a hill. Since he lives in exile, the palace is now a museum. Back in the hotel after a nice long day, the doctor was kept busy with many complaints of breathlessness, headache, tingling in the limbs and such other symptoms expected at high altitudes.

After two nights in Lhasa, our long road journey with night stopovers took us all the way across the Tibetan plateau to Mansarovar.  We traversed 1400 kms in small buses for the next 3 days, staying in small towns like Shigatse and Saga. While I could go on and on about the beautiful scenic route across rivers and mountains, brilliant blue skies and green slopes dotted with yaks, mountain goats and wild ponies, sighting lovely birds in flight, decorated homes of Tibetans and so on, Id prefer to share with you, the mystery of Mansarovar and the energy of Kailash.

At first sight of the huge expanse of Lake Mansarovar from the bus, we were floored and smitten. Also called Mapam Yumtso, Mansarovar is a high-altitude freshwater lake fed by the Kailash Glaciers. ‘Manasarovar’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words; “Mánas” meaning mind (in its widest sense as applied to all the mental powers- intellect, intelligence, understanding, perception, sense, conscience), while “sarovara” means a lake. Manasarovar is relatively round in shape with a circumference of about 88 km, its depths reaching a maximum of 300 ft and its surface area is 320 km2. Hindu’s believe that the lake was first ‘created in the mind of Lord Brahma’ after which it ‘manifested’ on Earth.

A personification of purity, the lake is clearer than a sapphire and one can see through dozens of meters into the lake. Set with mountains around its banks, It is connected to nearby Lake ‘Rakshastal’ by the natural ‘Ganga Chhu’ channel. Lake Manasarovar overflows into Lake Rakshastal which is a salt-water lake and yet, its own waters remain fresh and sweet! The two lakes they say used to be part of the Sutlej basin and were separated due to tectonic activity. Manasarovar is near the source of many rivers- the Sutlej, the Brahmaputra, the Indus, and the Ghaghara, an important tributary of the Ganges. The lake has a few monasteries on its shores, the most notable of which is the ancient ‘Chiu Monastery’ built on a steep hill, looking as if it has been carved right out of the rock.

Standing on the shores of Mansarovar, we got our first ‘darshan’ of Mount Kailash.  It is unmistakably majestic, as you must have all seen in pictures. All by itself, standing tall and stunning in its white adornment of snow, beautiful beyond words, the south face of Kailash Parvat had most of us fold our hands at the first sight of Shiva himself. In his video discourses, Sadhguru had repeatedly urged us ‘not to be tourists’ and take ‘pictures and selfies’ but to experience the magic of going inwards around Shiva. I am glad most of us tried to resist pulling out our cameras. Even as some sat quietly meditating, I took a stroll all by myself, eyes glued to Mansarovar and everything around it.

As the Isha group, we had been well prepared for the cold and the spartan community living spaces- a few dormitory style rooms that accommodated us but no bathrooms. By now we were used to no-running water ‘pit bathrooms’ or taking ‘nature calls’ in small groups, so as to be safe from packs of wild dogs known to attack humans for food. Minus electricity, it was actually nice to get under double quilts and most of us never even got out of layered warm clothing that night. As I fell asleep, I dreamt of Akshay. He was wearing his light blue shimmery kurta from the day before their wedding, grinning and smiling as brightly as ever. Yes, he did seem to fit perfectly into the shining star scape that lights up the sky above mysterious Mansarovar like no where else.

Day two at Mansarovar had us all go through a 45-minute process on the lake shore. Led by Sadhguru’s mesmerizing voice, we chanted and meditated while celestial lights seemed to dip into the waters and shadowy shapes seemed to rise out of it. Suffice to say that all those who were not planning to take a bath in the icy-cold, crystal-clear waters of Mansarovar also capitulated. What we would never dream of doing back home, rejuvenated us and stirred something deep inside our hearts. The most spiritual part of our journey was unfolding and I was by now immersed in it.

Pilgrims, Not Tourists

After another unforgettable night at Mansarovar, we were raring to start the trek to Darchen to get closer to Mt Kailash. Sadhguru’s advice to be ‘a pilgrim and not a tourist, to not consider this a mountaineering expedition but a surrender to an inner journey’ resonated with many of us. The weather was cloudy and throughout our journey, rain and sun constantly played hide-and seek owing to the season and altitude. A short bus drive later, we started walking from Yamdwar, trekking up as it drizzled. While some of us kept with companions, many of us also walked up alone, lost in a world of our own. In an uphill trek of about 16 kms that day, through land that seems like heaven itself with its stunning waterfalls, gushing streams and rivers, tall ridged cliffs, grassy mountains dotted with yellow and purple flowers and pebbles of astonishing colours, I found myself enchanted. Breathlessness at high altitudes troubled many from our group and while some younger people could not walk up due to Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) and other health issues, I was fine.  Every time I seemed to be getting exhausted and closed my eyes to chant ‘Aum Namah Shivaya’ and ‘Shiva Shambho’, I could see Akshay sitting with his bare back in front of me, repeating the words with me. I really wish I could express what the terrain, the rain and the faith I put in Shiva and Akshay felt like but words fail me.

As we climbed higher, sighting first the south face, then the west face and finally reaching the base of the north face of Kailash, it was grateful surrender to a sublime energy at over 17000 feet. Face to face with the stunning magic of black rock face that seemed to have milk pouring down on it from the heavens, I sat on a rock for a long time, wept a little and smiled a lot. As one looks all around sacred landscape, it hits you that none of the other mountains there look anything like Mt. Kailash.

Standing tall at 22,000 feet, Mount Kailash—known to be the abode of Lord Shiva—is one of the world’s most revered holy places and only a few thousand pilgrims are able to do the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra every year. Apart from Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bon also consider Mount Kailash most sacred land. If we believe Lord Shiva and Parvati reside at the peak of Mount Kailash in a state of meditation, for Jains, Kailash is the place where the first Jain Tirthankara attained Nirvana. In Buddhism, the belief goes that Kailash Parvat is where the Buddha, representing supreme bliss, resides. The Bon (a religion which predates Buddhism in Tibet), however, believe that the entire region is the seat of all spiritual power. Certainly feels like it.

After two whole days at the north face, a second soul-stirring process facing Shiva himself, more climbing to get even closer and collect Kailash Teerth from the gushing stream, a short walk to see the famous Milirepa Monastery and hot ‘khichdi meals’ served by the ever smiling and efficient Sherpas, it was time to trek down to Darchen. I wanted to stay on longer, never mind the cold, rain and snow. Akshay, I know you pushed me to get up here and that you will forever be with me.

A few days later, driving back in buses through the many Chinese check points, our return road travel delayed by monsoon rains and landslides, we got back to Lhasa for a night before flying back to Kathmandu. The flight couldn’t land in Kathmandu due to pouring rain and our little adventure continued with a fight diversion back to Lhasa. We were treated to an impromptu musical extravaganza in the aircraft’s aisle by talented co-passengers while it took time to refuel and return to Kathmandu a few hours later. Just in time for another fantastic experience- a long Satsang with Sadhguru himself! We rushed into the Gokarna Resort straight from the airport, to meet the Guru who has a huge fan following across all age groups. To be actually led by him, singing Shiva’s praise is something I will never forget. He definitely wears that halo of joy, calm and wit like none other. Many of us took up his ‘Instead of me speaking, why don’t you share your experiences of Kailash’ and he heard each one with interest and patience, answering many questions and adding gems from his own experiences. I too tried to explain my Kailash calling after Akshay and how, despite my fears of age and poor respiratory health, I had been among the fittest right though this incredibly tough journey.

At the very instant I mentioned Akshay’s martyrdom, Sadhguru folded his hands and closed his eyes for a moment. At the end of the Satsang, when everyone rushed for a group photograph with him, Sadhguru took a few steps towards me, his hands outstretched, eyes filled with kindness and understanding. I took his hand and held it against my eyes and felt his right hand on my head.  He didn’t say a word and yet, comforted a mother with so much concern and empathy. This is one blessing that will stay with me forever. The many hugs, kind words and expressions of pride in Akshay that followed touched me deeply and I am hugely grateful to Sadhguru and thank all my co-yatri’s though this channel.

I know I will never be able to do justice to what the Kailash Mansarovar yatra has meant to me. You dear friends, demanded I write, and on my part, I have tried to share some experiences with all of you. I am sure that for each of us who has been to Kailash, the journey has been unique and that is how it should be. No two experiences to sacred land can be the same.

I however, am certain that this for me couldn’t not have happened, without the grace and will of a power way beyond us. So many pilgrims this year too fell ill, many died, some could not complete their yatra and others had to be evacuated because of weather and landslides and yet, the fact that I had sailed through without a single minute’s discomfort – this was not something I was capable of doing by myself!

Back home, I think back at what I have been blessed with and relive Akshay’s words from a clear-as-daylight dream. He had looked up from reading a newspaper to tell me something when I was extremely upset about a year ago.  Sitting in his grey night suit near our kitchen, he had stated: ‘Interesting. When the path is right, winning and losing is not important. Giving it your all is.’ It does seem like ‘miles to go before I sleep’ and yes raja beta, ‘I too will try and give it my all’.

Thank you all for reading and for being part of our family’s difficult journey.

I will for sure do my best to answer your comments or questions on the Kailash experience so please feel free to ask.

May you all forever stay happy and blessed.

Meghna Girish.



  1. Meghna, i experienced the climb or the yatra so to say thru u with tears streaming down. Wish i cld do it some day.
    I did see Akshay with his bk towards u chanting n again in his grey night suit with his famous infectious smile near u kitchen n that made my day. He’s definitely walking alongside u n with u always.
    God bless you lovely soul n its a previlege knowing you. Dil se Meghna, bless u all.
    Hope all well at the home front. Ur lit one mustve missed you loads.

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    • I am so glad you experienced the yatra….and also sad it made you weep. Lil one was happy with the few pebbles I got her from there! Love and take care.


  2. what a beautiful and ecstatic experience it must have been for you dear aunty…and to be able to complete it with all the complications involved is a definite sign from the cosmos for you to imbibe into your heart mind and soul…Your resilience is infectious makes me wish to do the same some day…
    I thank you for sharing your experience of the devine with us all so gracefully its like spreading your inner light..
    I pray that Akshay continues to shine your way through life..and you continue with the same fervour in all that you do..and I know dear aunty,we all have our weak moments but now i am sure with this journey your weak moments will always be overpowered by the blue light you now carry within you forever..
    love you always

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    • Yes Shivangi, the light is always there….to guide me, even though I miss the dazzling brightness more than I can express. Thank you beta for always walking with us. Love and God bless.


  3. Thank you Meghna for sharing yet again .I can so well imagine how fulfilled and satisfied you are feeling with the thought that Akshay was with you and he made sure you sailed through this which was planned so long ago .
    Thank you for writing it so well that when I was reading I felt that I was doing the Yatra with you .
    You have rightly said this is truly a blessing of actually not one lifetime but many more to come .
    Also meeting Sadguru and to get his blessings in this manner is definitely an experience of a lifetime and Akshay made sure you get that too .I am left with no words to express at this point .
    Lots of love to you and hugs .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blessed in many ways Sucheta, and yet wish it wasnt this way. Know you will understand. Love and hugs my friend. We are in many ways sailing in a similar boat and there must be a reason. Time will tell.


  4. Beautiful description of an incredible journey, Meghna.
    I was deeply touched reading your description . I’m sure some stupendous energy from far beyond has helped you
    Through this most sacred journey.

    Thanks for inspiring us all.


  5. Ma’am you made a connection with universe, felt it deeply, experienced it , lived it , shown to all of us , blessed us.
    Words are no more left to narrate things, that heart can feel, mind can visualise and soul can live.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your experience dear Meghna. You took me along…all the way! And I got goosebumps and moist eyes precisely when the Sadhguru held your hand so kindly…not because he did, but because I can imagine every emotion that must have experienced in those brief moments. Big hugs dear mom ❤️ May you always be tuned in to the divine and the deep.

    Much love to you and the family!


  7. You did it. What many dream of, or wish for, in the close comfy corners of their home, including me.. you showed us that it will happen only if we step out. The only thought that kept ringing in my ears while reading is “the journey is as beautiful as the destination”. You are my hero aunty. May you always shine bright like a diamond

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  8. Dear Meghna
    Loved reading your blog on the Manasarovar Yatra. So very right that when we look at the journey as a pilgrim, ,as a devotee and not a tourist, your inner strength grows multifold, killing all the fears and uncertainties in the wake of your surrender.
    It has been my one dream to do this trip for long but was always discouraged that I can’t do it. Reading your account has once again renewed my dream and God willing I will take this journey some day. I am so happy for you Meghna that you could connect with Akshay in this holiest of holy places.
    I am in Kargil today and I remembered Akshay today and heart was overwhelmed with the memories of your darling son. Wherever he is ,rest in peace dear Akshay. A salute to all our Bravehearts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You will Gayatri- when the calling truly comes, the way will open up. I am with you – saluting our braves in Kargil. Take care. Love and hugs.


  9. Made wonderful reading. More so, felt like was emotionally being there.

    There is nothing like identifying oneself with the supreme force whom we all call by the name God. The feeling can’t be compared or expressed by any of the five known human senses.

    Experiencing God is a divine feeling at any place or time for which the sixth sense got to be working. It is a rare experience. Pleased notice that you have achieved that during this Manasarovar trip.

    May Gods bless you, your near and dear ones. Not to ignore, your feel for your martyr son. 🙏🙏

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  10. Wow ! What an experience , loved every bit of it . I’m super happy you could make it happen , It’s so true, if you wish and the Universe grants this nothing can stop you . The power of universe within you is much stronger every time you think of this !
    I loved the way you have written it too !

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  11. Hi Meghna,
    you described the whole yatra so beautifully, truly there is Akshay holding your hand always by your side giving you strength and courage.
    stay blessed and take care.

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  12. Beautiful
    Your narration is like a visual delight..
    and could clearly feel the peace of the moments ..though i am too young to speak about life experiences…i admire your strength and passion for keeping the fire alive….
    Major Akshay will always be a amar jawan…

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you aunty
        Please do keep writing… 1 or 2 blogs every month….it gives such motivation for us who are to step in to do something or become someone so that we can make our parents and country proud..

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  13. Thank you aunty for writing your experience. Your writing gives me inspiration to live my life positively. Your are my inspiration. Thank you aunty.


  14. iam reading your thoughts at 2 am midnight and must say that your thoughts reflect your ability to stay calm,composed so as to support your family by constant efforts is nothing short of they have told in vedas ..we all are the part of one infinite consciousness(parabrahma) ..that way you and akshay were never apart and will never be apart..

    i stay in bengaluru ..i really hope that i would get an opportunity to meet you in person some day

    Liked by 1 person

      • thank you for the invite..i went though one of the old archive to know about you and really are full of life..your pic with baby akshay proves that..iam sure there wasn’t a single dull moment..the fantastic smile you wear in each pic shows your inner strength and willingness to take on life..pls never stop smiling for the world needs to wake up to the joy of you ..akshay’s poem reflect’s his deep intellect..these lines particularly

        For the pain in the heart

        Hidden with all might

        Must die

        Hope must replace despair

        Though all might not seem fair

        To you

        WOW!!..iam speechless..
        it seems like monsoon season doesn’t seem to end in bengaluru soon and winter season is going to give a early visit..iam from north karnataka and even after spending a decade in bengaluru i find it difficult to cope with chill low night temp :), do take very good care of yourself..god bless

        Liked by 1 person

      • Akshay was a very evolved soul and we have found so many of his thoughts in poetry and writing after he was called away. Many lessons for us and we are learning slowly. God bless you


  15. Dear Meghana,
    Your bit by bit narration of the yatra and most importantly the spiritual journey of finding oneself from within kept me hooked on to your story. The most beautifully described ones being of Akshay leading the way for you and keeping your spirits high and the second one is you being blessed by Sadhguru for your resilience. Salute your spirit Meghanji….have never met you but your writings on Akshay have kept me hooked to your Blog. Regards and Blessings Always. Vandana

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Vandana. I was amazed at the way Akshay kept me company on this journey. Wish I could truly explain it. Have tried but couldnt do justice. Blessed – yes. Love and God bless you.


  16. Meghna,I have been following your blogs all through out as Beena sends the link.i don’t want to say how well you share your emotions with all of us .Mansarovar Yatra was always there in my list but now it will remain a dream only. My daughter had gone two years ago and she came back feeling very blessed and happy . She too was saying that the call has to come for one to go and return back safe.we are all proud of Akshay and all the others who laid their life for the Nation.looking forward to more of your blogs.god bless and Jai Hind


  17. Dear Meghna Aunty ,

    What a wonderful and ectstatic experience it must have been for you. Not everyone who dream of this Yatra gets to do it .. you are so blessed to have experienced this. I’m 100% sure that Maj Akshay was looking over throughout the journey and comforting n insipiring you. He must have been so proud of you Aunty like we all are. I could feel those mountains , peace , nature and felt as if I was the one taking this yatra . Thank you very much for your incredible journey with all of us.

    I hope Girish uncle and sangeetha are doing well. Lots of love , hugs and kisses to darling Naina. How could I forget Neha. Pls convey my regards to everyone in the family.

    With love ,

    Liked by 1 person

    • So sweet of you Preethi. Yes, Girish, Sangeeta and Naina are doing well now. Neha and Pradish too. You take care and stay blessed always. Love and hugs.


  18. Chinni aunty,

    I continue to read this blog religiously and experience Akshay’s resilience and self-belief through you. I loved your description of your pilgrimage to Mansarovar and hope that I can also take the journey some day to see the magnificence and glory of Mt. Kailash. I admire your spirit and am glad that Akshay gave you strength to complete the journey. As I look at his courage, I feel blessed to have been in his company and hope that I can embody his love and courage daily.



    • Sure Siddhart, we have all been blessed to be touched by Akshay’s loving presence. Now, although not physically seen, he has connected us even more strongly. Sure you will always be loving and courageous. God bless


  19. Great articulation. You inspired me with your writing. I am 62, with a heart bypass conducted 14yrs back & with 2 stents 3 yrs back and now a diabetic, wonder whether I could make the visit to Kailas. I think I can make it, after reading your inspiration. Namaste! Om Namah Shivayah:


  20. हल्के हल्के कोहरे के धुएँ में, शायद आसमाँ तक आ गयी हूँ।
    तेरी दो निगाओं के सहारे, देखो कहाँ तक आ गयी हूँ मै।
    Found few lines of Gulzar Sahab . As I was feeling like reading again and again…. ,
    It’s Chrisamatic…
    Charan Sparsh Ma’am


  21. Dear Aunty,
    Thank you for the descriptive post starting from how you thought about the journey to how you managed to complete it successfully.
    While reading it I could feel all of it to be so surreal, so beautiful and so peaceful. These days of solitude and living with strangers really makes one introspect about life deeply. I am sure Sadhguru’s blessings and Maj Akshay’s dream would have really stirred your soul.
    You are truly an inspiration aunty and I wish you always get the best out of life always.
    Lots of love

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  22. As always, you’ve been so very articulate. I could almost breathe that invigorating thin mountain air and feel the vibrations from Lord Shiva himself. I am sure this piligrimage has boosted the Shakti within you as you hold your wonderfully precious family together. Aum Namah Shivaya!


  23. Mrs Meghna Girish… I hv bn following ur wite up since this shocking incident happened… As being a sapper officer s wife and daughter in law and an army brat.. My heart went out fr ur family and cud relate to the pain and suffering… Plus I also came to know about d incident thru two of his close friends who are close friends of mine… U have kept him alive thru ur write ups… I hv not known him or u ni person… But I feel connected wenever I read ur write ups… I wish I cud do something to lessen ur pain and grief…. What a vivid description of ur journey, hats off to u and ur spirit…. More strength to you and ur family….. Regards


  24. Having read this beautiful journey of kailash yatra from you aunty i felt like seeing a very beautiful dream,very peaceful very calm and enriching at the same time.The best part was that u felt so near to ur brave raja beta and smiled a lot,brings smiles to us too.Happy rakshabandhan ,this was the first rakhi at my place too with Ankita & Bikram buying rakhi to tying it for both of them and the small puja,decking them up in new clothes made me feel so happy.plz keep writing aunty love to read from u every time.tkcr & God bless u all.

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  25. Dear aunty,
    Hope you and all at home are well. Thank you for writing your next article. As I read your article, I am reminded of the saying, “Many are called, but only a few are chosen.” You are truly blessed aunty in a special way. You have articulated your experience of the sacred journey that I was able to picturize everything. Felt very happy for you. Please accept my sincere apologies for my late read aunty for I am now finalising my PhD thesis for submission and publications. But still, everyday it was in my mind which means you and your family are in my thoughts and my prayers. Sending you a lot of love to you aunty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy you are ready to submit thesis for PhD Amritha. All the hard work will be recognised. You and Shyam continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Much love. Take care.

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      • Nice to hear from you aunty… The final days are the toughest.. so please keep me in your prayers. I need all your prayers and best wishes to keep me going through these rough phase. You and Major Akshay are the one of the very many inspirations and source of strength that I look upto.. It is a blessing to be connected with you all.
        Love and prayers

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      • You are in my thoughts and prayers Amritha. Sure you will rise to the challenge. Eat well and take care of yourself while you put in all the effort. Love and hugs.


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