In just three days from today, it will be one whole year since that miraculous incident. Pradish finding Akshay’s spectacles at the same spot my raja beta was found, right beside the staircase wall, 2 months and 7 days after he had been martyred. While we as a family, in our terrible grief then, forgot to get a present for Pradish on his birthday, he gave us the biggest gift possible, when he placed those precious spectacles in Sangeeta’s hands. They were found intact and the muddy stains on them were washed away by our tears. I have said this earlier and it still amazes me, that the glasses had been waiting for our family in Nagrota, Akshay’s Karma Bhoomi, as if to return to us, a part of Akshay. Maybe it was also to make us clearly understand, how great his courage and sacrifice had been that fateful day. Akshay had moved in to rescue trapped families and taken on the terrorist team leader hiding inside a room. The terrorist had gone undetected until then because he had been using a silencer fitted weapon. We still do not know how many bullets hit Akshay in that gunfight but his death certificate says ‘multiple gunshot wounds’. We were also told that it was the grenade directly thrown at him that killed Akshay. His clenched fists and bent elbows that remained frozen in death, as we saw him in the morgue the next day, made it clear that he did not give up till his last breath.  The satisfied expression on his handsome face, half-smile in place after such a violent death, was noticed by many. We have since been trying to take courage and guidance from his never-say-die attitude.


Night before last, many of us were lucky to witness the ‘Blue Moon’ that went slowly from red and dull to big and bright, an event that occurred 150 years since such an eclipse. Messages galore explained the phenomena and their effects. One urged us to focus on positive thoughts to maximise their effects. As we sat and watched from Sarit-Pratap’s home terrace, glued to the changing images of the moon, taking pictures, I strained to find Akshay up there among the stars. In my thoughts, he was smiling away in every image! It was then that Sangeeta whatsapped a canvas print of Akshay, larger than life, heart-stoppingly handsome and smiling. Maybe Akshay was sending those little signs that he is there watching over us?!

In sharing the positives with all of you concerned folks, Girish and I are happy to see Sangeeta eating a wee bit better, Naina less wistful and much more cheerful, and a visibly fat Bingo! Neha has overcome the twins birthday blues stage, and she and Pradish have been our calm and constant support, despite their long and busy weekdays. Girish has recovered enough to get back to work after 4 months. That the kids and elders in the family got together for a mini celebration when Akshay’s younger cousin Ankit declared, that he and his love were ready to be hitched, has been a wonderful start to the new year! It was the first happy celebration for us since Akshay left and as everyone dressed up, smiled and chatted, we are counting our blessings. Another of Akshay’s brothers has committed to his love and we as a family are all set to extend our close bonds and welcome more wonderful girls into our homes. As Naina’s ‘Big Dadi’ smiled and hugged Ankit and Aasma, we joked about how our family had extended its reach from down south to cover most of India and now only the ‘hills’ of North-East India, Kashmir and Uttarakhand remained to make ours a truly ‘united India family!’ Jokes apart, Prabha’s happiness and Ankit’s smiles matter a lot to us and we are certainly looking forward to all of Akshay’s brothers being there for the wedding later this year.

The other important sharing is on Major Akshay Girish Memorial Trust initiated in December to take Akshay’s brave legacy forward by motivating more young people to serve the Nation. Pradish and Girish have been the push factor here and plans are being put in place. We will soon be collaborating with educational institutions to hold workshops and provide scholarships for motivating young students to strive to join the defence and allied services that protect and serve our motherland. Many have reached out to us, offering support to our small endevour, and we hope that in the years to come, we can all join hands for unity in diversity and make our country stronger.

In January, Jain University, Bengaluru held its Annual Convocation and the first ‘Major Akshay Girish Memorial Gold Medal’ instituted by the University in his honour was awarded to ‘Akshaya’- a young woman who incidentally graduated with the same subjects as Akshay – Physics, Maths and Electronics! And strangely, I was wearing the same sari I had worn to Akshay’s Passing our Parade in IMA when he ‘graduated’ to wear the stars in his Olive Green Uniform!

Sangeeta and I had a long chat, one of many such, on such ‘signs’, maybe sent to us by Akshay or the Universe. One can always call them ‘co-incidences’ but we feel there is deeper meaning to such important events and not all happenings are ‘incidental’. To me, personally, these are tiny little tributes honouring Akshay and somehow, they soothe the ache in my heart. I share some of these with you all in my post.  Akshay’s smiling poster greets us each day on our way home. Put up on his martyrdom day by locals of Sadahalli village, for some reason, it has stayed for months, unlike all other posters of people in political life which are taken down or replaced, week after week. Naina always looks out of the car window as I drive her home after school and her face lights up in smiles as she says ‘papa is still there!’ And even more special, our garden has ensured that Akshay’s picture has always had fresh flowers, throughout the year, even in the driest spells. Isn’t this a sign that his life was and will forever be inspirational?

I look up from my writing, drawn to Akshay’s picture and know I have to write about Major Aditya and the FIR against him. An FIR filed because he happened to be the officer in charge when soldiers fired in self defence to stop a mob of 200 plus stone-pelters who not only damaged their vehicles and injured 7 of them, but also tried to lynch a JCO to death. The army convoy was moving on duty from one place to another in Shopian when it was attacked. This particular incident comes soon after the government gave amnesty to thousands of stone pelters against who cases had been booked, after past ‘sponsored’ incidents. To those who do not know the devious machinations being played out in Kashmir, it was the State Government that had called in the Indian Army in 2010 to ‘protect the state’. The Army is apolitical and does its duty. Does that mean our soldiers do not have the right to self-defence?!

For all those whose hearts are bleeding for the ‘innocent stone pelters’, know that the people of our country can see through your dirty political games. You are the ones directly or indirectly instigating and putting these youth in danger while trying to divide us and make our nation weak. What would these ‘leaders’ have done if their own children had been among those army men under attack? Do we really expect our sons and daughters in the Defence Services to fight with their hands tied behind their back when ‘innocent mobs’ attack them? Major Gogoi dealt effectively with a dangerous situation without firing and he was crucified by these same ‘leaders’. While they and their families have always been protected, these leaders have preferred the deaths of good soldiers and even better human beings, because that helps them stay in power or brings them back to power. That is all that matters to them. The next time there is a massive earthquake or flood, maybe our soldiers should just stay in their barracks.

Given a choice, which side do you want your children to be on – pelting stones in some protest or defending our nation? If, God forbid, my son had been killed while he pelted stones at our soldiers, I know I would have felt sorrow, but no reason to defend him.

We now know from experience how difficult it is to go on after losing Akshay. As if it wasn’t bad enough for parents and grandparents to deal with being alive while the young one had to leave, little Naina has to hug herself when other fathers cuddle their little ones. ‘I miss my papa she still says…. where is God house? I can’t see the stars from my bed so how can he see me? Through the roof?’ Sangeeta not only has to deal with sleeplessness and bad dreams but also go around displaying and explaining a death certificate that puts down ‘cause of death’ as ‘multiple gunshot wounds’. Not just to be accepted as legal heir but also to try and get something as a simple as a Visa, so Naina and she can go visit her sister’s family, during school vacations in summer. Even the grandparents have no way of giving away to Sangeeta, a small piece of land they had gifted their grandson, without submitting these ‘certificates’. Nothing happens without reopening wounds. In writing this, I am not blaming the system. All I am hoping for is that by understanding what loss of this magnitude feels like, people ensure honour and respect to all those, who like Akshay, fought and gave their all selflessly, for the rest of their motherlands children to continue with their lives. Having a debate over who is right in such cases is the worst form of dishonor to the braves who protect and defend our nation. Such painful experiences would have been faced by so many parents, spouses, siblings, kids.  The grace and dignity they show in smiling through their pain and loneliness makes them shining beacons of hope.

To end this post, the first one of this year, I would like to once again go back to how I started writing this blog. Two days after Akshay was given his final farewell from earth on 1st December 2016, I posted the letter below on social media and sought your suggestions on writing his story. You have all held our hands since the last 14 months and we are truly blessed to have you on this journey.

In the people who have showered love, understanding and support, written about Akshay and other brave soldiers, paid tributes in events and instituted awards in his name, we count our blessings everyday. The first picture in this post is by Wg. Cdr. Sudarshan who also wrote ‘Monologues of a Martyr’ as a tribute to Akshay.

I once again seek your suggestions in what I should write about this year. Would you like to read about other unsung heroes and their families? Or, how we can strengthen relationships and support each other? Or both? Do let me know your thoughts.

With faith that goodness will prevail, hope that we will all find our purpose in life and strive to achieve it, before being called away, here’s wishing you all laughter, love and contentment. Thank you for reading. Stay blessed.

Jai Hind.

Meghna Girish.



1. Here’s the link to the article Monologues of a Martyr by Wg. Cdr Sudarshan:

  2. After Akshay, the note that started it all. My path towards Finding New Meaning.

Dear Fellow citizens, extended family and friends,

Our hearts overflowing with pride, sorrow and love, I, as Martyred Major Akshay Girish Kumar’s mother, take the liberty of connecting my family with you all through this forum. With humility and gratitude, I thank each one of you for your presence, your messages and calls as we honour Akshay’s ultimate sacrifice with that of his six co-martyrs in Nagrota.

Never in a million years could we have been prepared to deal with the depth of loss we feel, and yet, in the last four days we have become one massive family because of Akshay. Draped in our tricolour, he has made sure that our strength and resolve to stand together to overcome our enemies is getting stronger every hour, every day. We as a nation are getting to know our truest and tallest heroes.

While congratulating the media for making Akshay so dear to all of you, with your permission, I would like to tell Akshay’s factual story. In standing by us at this time, you deserve to know. I will need time to do so because I would like to start at the beginning- from his birth at 8.05 on the morn of 6th December 1985.

Short of his 31st birthday, he has become larger than life and taught us the real meaning of love, duty and sacrifice. While Girish and I have been blessed to be his parents, Akshay is proving to us that first and foremost, he is the child of our motherland. Neha his twin sister (the only one, along with me, who can claim to know him 9 months longer than anyone else!), Sangeeta his most beloved wife, his grandfather and grandmothers, his many ‘bro’s’, and all who have known him well, were echoing the same sentiment these past few days. How has our little boy become bigger than all of us….our brightest star, our guiding light…..?

I think he will be the story teller and I will learn a lot more about my son as I start writing.

We do not want this to be about political or intellectual debates. All we hope to do is be true to Akshay Girish. Even as I write this post, I am asking you, as well-wishers, if you feel I should go ahead.

Once again, I thank you all for sharing our pride and sorrow at Akshay’s martyrdom.



  1. Hi Aunty,

    I have been reading your blog posts having landed here through a Facebook post, and this is the first time I’m commenting.
    While each post has been touching. You write beautifully, I feel I know your family now.
    God bless your family. Akshay Sir’s supreme sacrifice will not go in vain. I salute him and also you and your family for fostering a brave heart.
    I felt I had no words and even i get fear while wrriting anything to you thinking (What you will think about where have no idea who i m but i know you and your family since the day when i saw Akshay Sir on news.) Now my words flowing automatically.
    Thank you again for sharing.
    Lots of love to Little Princess Naina.
    Love and Regards

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad we are connected through Akshay Anshu- there can be no better way than through shared pride. Thank you very much for reading and reaching out. Wherever you are and whatever your dreams are, may they come true. Love and God bless


  2. Please continue chellamma, I like ur expression of words which r exemplary. Stay away from debatable narration, this is my suggestion only. Be brave, we r all with u n girish always.


      • Hi Aunty ,
        I was waiting for ur posts . U write very beautifully, I am so touched with ur writing . I am blessed to be connected with ur fly . I will be always searching More details to know more about u all . Keep writing Aunty . Lots of love to u all . Special hugs & lots of blessings ,wishes to little princess Naina.

        Lots of love to U
        Chitra .


  3. Hi aunty.. I’m Varsha..daughter of an air force officer (badri uncle is my dad’s close friend) . I’m also a doctor and an army wife…
    We are all so proud of Akshays supreme sacrifice. Had he not bravely fought the terrorists that fateful day, numerous women and children would have lost their lives in addition to the men. I read each blog of yours and kudos to you and your family for standing strong like this and translating your grief into words. Sangeeta is a brave lady … lots of love to her and Naina. It’s a shame if you have to face problems in certification for purpose of visa and other practical issues.. it’s our failure as a people and as a nation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So happy to hear from you Varsha- my brother Hari is very close to the Badri family and I have seen the girls growing up. You are very right- the tragedy of loss would have worse had Akshay and other brave soldiers not stepped in so swiftly and effectively. Sangeeta is brave and together, we will handle all these setbacks with courage and patience. As a doctor and the Forces connection, you are very aware and am sure doing great service in your own way. Love to you. God bless you and your family.


  4. Dear Aunty,
    So happy to read about the positives this year for your family. The fact that all of you have learned to live with the loss one can actually never cope with is commendable. As always all your posts make me think spiritually as I try to understand the ways of destiny or nature as some would like to call it.
    Akshaya was the winner- is a sign
    She had the same subjects as Maj Akshay – is a sign
    Sangeeta’s and your thoughts collaborated in the mind space and the collage appeared at that moment – is a sign
    Spectacles found after 2 months and 7 days – what could be a bigger sign than this.
    This goes to show how much Maj Akshay cared for his family and yet his nation had to take precedence like how it is for all great soldiers.
    This also makes my mind think that how difficult it must be for him also to be apart from all of you- only in physical form, spiritually he continues to connect.
    He is the one who is ensuring that the gauntlet of his family never comes apart and each bead stays where it is supposed to be. He, of course, is the thread that is keeping it together. And by family, I mean all your extended family of well wishers too.
    This is getting too long.. so I will keep my thoughts for some other time. You are blessed to have a way with words and there would be many other mothers who would find a voice in you. Do tell us stories of the brave..of the kin of your son so that we are able to reach out to other families also and thank them for what they have given us.
    Lots of love to you, as always

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved the clarity of your response Ruchi! Yes, the signs are many and much as we try not to read into them, (as the world is supposed to be based on logic?), they have a way of connecting us to spirituality. Not sure if Im making sense! I will try to tell more stories. Thanks again. Love and hugs and God bless all of you.


  5. Dearest Meghna….once again I read your blog with tears flowing down my cheeks , my heart aches for you and my hands want to reach out to give you a hug. Through all the pain and the agony you write with so much love….Each of these ‘happenings’ must be hurting you so much more…it’s sad and disheartening to watch that our country still does not give the respect to a soldier that he deserves. Do carry on writing about Akshay and all that you would like to share about him. He was one great soul and am sure he’s looking down at Naina at all times…maybe even through the roof! take care! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ruma. Wish I hadnt made you cry though! You know, I do feel people by and large do respect our soldiers more in recent times. Its the power games that really hurt. Akshay was our biggest blessing and Im sure he will always be there with Naina. Love and take care.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dearest aunty
    Love you loads and sending countless blessings your way… warmest of hugs to Sangee and nainu..was waiting for your writing for quite some time…and am left with wet eyes and a smile on my face,as I read I can almost hear you reading it to me.. your voice so clear and distinct.
    I too believe in signs aunty, no doubt he is out there inspiring all of us, reinstilling faith in Lord All mighty..a higher power above us all .
    There was a very famous line I had read in a text stating,that God is always sending his messages to us we just need to tune in into His frequency,and all our questions shall be answered.
    I can relate many things in my life which I have felt as a sheer doing of this superior power…so always stay connected God has his ways,never loose that ignited belief that you have portrayed so well through your valuable writings.
    No doubt aunty the pain of not being able to hug your little boy is beyond words to express…yet even in this pain atleast I feel proud to know Him…Our Akshay..One of God’s most precious Angeles without Him even He could not function..I am always with you ..uncle ,Sangee,nainu…in your pain …
    As far as politicians go my faith in their very existence has come into a big state of doubt and I truly agree with you, having a debate on this grave issue is highly disrespectful,
    I feel aunty both the topics are different and quite important so you must write on both issues…
    Akshay has inspired a generation and has become immortal in our hearts..
    Keep writing aunty.
    Love love love.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All I can say is love and hugs to you too Shivangi. It helps to know we have company on our path. Hope and faith are two companions everyone can and should try to keep close. Thank you for your suggestions beta. I will try and do what I can, whenever Akshay guides me. That seems to have worked so far! Stay blessed


  7. Very beautifully written Meghna. Would love to read more n more abt Akshay n other unsung heros too if u r ok with it.
    Ur write ups are a treasure to ur little Angel, Akshays princess. She’ll be proud of her Nani.
    Take care, hugs

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  8. Aunty ji , charansparsh!!!

    Thank you so much aunty for writing for us. I keep searching & checking your profile to read little more about you all.

    Plz keep writing, may god give you more strenght , love & care from all.


    • Thank you for reading and responding with your thoughts Ritu. May we always be connected and concerned about each other. Love and stay blessed.


  9. Hello Meghna Aunty,

    I am a civilian and no connection with the armed forces whatsoever. I have been reading your blogs ever since one of my friends had ‘liked’ your posts on facebook.
    I have never commented earlier, the only reason being, I was at a loss of words!!
    Your posts are so motivating and inspiring ( again at a loss of words of not knowing to say better words or words with deeper feel ), they have such a calming effect on me. In spite of your turmoil , your writings have such a calming effect, they are overwhelming. May be thats what armed forces heroes and their families are made up of : “immense strength”.
    I feel so connected to you, your family and ofcourse Akshay. ( he is as the same age as my brother , thats y may be I feel a lot more connected ).
    I think a lot about Naina ( I have 2 kids and my son is of same age as Naina), she will grow up to be a wonderful human being, I am sure, and with all the good wishes and blessings from all of us civilians too,she sure will be extremely successful in whatever she pursues. Good to know Sangeeta is doing slightly better.
    I could put in words very less of what I actually feel Aunty. I hope you understand!

    Please continue to write!

    Love to you all Aunty.


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    • Dear Divya, you have expressed your thoughts beautifully- not at a loss for words at all! I can feel your response coming straight from your heart that is loving and caring. I am sure you are a wonderful mom to your little ones. Yes, Sangeeta and Naina are doing better, thank you. God bless your family. Love to you


  10. Hello aunty,
    I was waiting for your next blog, and here it is. Thank you so much for this. Can you post something more about sir Akshay? You are kind enough throughout your blog by informing us about brave heart sir Akshay. we are blessed to be in touch of such a inspirational person like you.
    It was an old game of politicians to use army for their own. But it feels bad when they repeatedly accuse army men after their desired job is done. we can understand all but with such little power nobody can scream out to them.we are still their pawns. Where Power and money go hand in hand, common man can not command over the ruler. is there any hope to overcome the sorrow of loosing army men during these false political game?
    My heart felt love and prayer are always with your family. Your grand daughter is truly a cute gift from almighty.
    Gift us with new inspiration, new thoughts.
    Thank you.
    Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will keep trying to give more glimpses on Akshay Doyel. Wish we had answers to your question on overcoming sorrow but only time will tell. Thank you for your good wishes and support. Naina is a darling and a blessing. Love to you. God bless your family.


  11. Great post aunty. Very proud of you and you continue to inspire me with every word you pen down. I hope to read stories of all our heroes. I am very happy to hear the positive news about Sangeeta, uncle, Neha and Naina. Hope you are doing well too. Wow, the young lady who won the award took the same subjects as Akshay had? – definitely all these are not co-incidences. Akshay is right there showing these signs. Curious to know more about the memorial fund – where can one contribute intellectually and financially? I landed yesterday, happy to be back home and travelling to Germany today for an event. Raga is a chatterbox, love this stage 🙂 Love to uncle, Neha and Sangy and a big kiss to Naina and a warm hug to her avva. Such a poor state of affairs in Kashmir with the stone pelters used as a political weapon. One must speak against this. Totally shameless and irresponsible of the authorities to instigate this. You have an unique gift aunty, giving emotion words – there are many many families who have lost their loved ones and probably are not in a position to share the valiant stories of the martyrs, you are a beacon of light for them and for commoners like us. You can connect these two worlds with your talent , your beautiful soul and Akshay’s unfaultering support. Wishing you the best in everything and looking forward to supporting you in any which way I can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have been feeling the same Sindhu- many more stories need to be told and shared. I will try to do my bit starting with those who’s families we have met and hopefully, they will trust me to write their brave-hearts stories. Thanks as always for being there, walking beside us all. Love and God bless all of you.


  12. Madam
    I read with tears rolling down your blog on the Late Major Akshay. There is no word to console a mother
    One thing certain in life is Death. One soul departs. The one who grieves – his departure is only delayed, but is certain. All the same when such a phenomenon takes place in our environs, one does grieve – even the philosopher who coined the notation grieves. Having gone through the phase that you are now experiencing, I can very well feel the thoughts going in your mind and I fully share the grief with you and your family in this hour of bereavement although your child’s death was noble and for the motherland. Dear Friend, this is only to join you in your grief, not to console you, as I seem to be part of it. May God shower all his blessings on your brave son as the case may be, in whatever way He only can. We can only pray to the Lord: “ Give us the strength to bear the grief that is ordained by you.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a great honour for us to have you read and respond to my writing Sir. Your son, our son and all the sons and daughters who have fought for and sacrificed for our motherland are bravest and most selfless souls and yes, we are blessed to have had them in our lives. The grief is such that I feel I can never be whole again after losing Akshay. You have been and are going through the same emotions and your words of comfort are very important. Thank you so much for consoling a mother. God bless every family and make them strong and proud of our protectors. Warm regards, meghna.


  13. Dear meghna Aunty ,

    Very touching write up. Every time I read ur blogs tears roll down my cheeks , and at the same time I’m amazed at the way you present the story of our hero Akshay sir. Believe it or not Aunty I have read all the blogs atleast twice. I still re-read them when I feel low, your write ups are that motivating and insipring. Please guide me to be a mother like you Aunty.
    The courage all of you have been showing is just incredible, hats off to all of you Aunty. I do believe in the signs and all these signs are definitely not co- incidences, it’s Maj.Akshay trying to reach you and assure that he is with all of you and he will be there every second for all of you and watching you and sending love and strength in all possible ways.. I have no connection with Fauji families but after reading your blogs I have realized what it is to be a Solider , what pain the family goes through after the personal loss . Please do continue writing about majorAkshay , we would be honored to know more about our hero and all also about other heroes like Major Akshay.

    Lost of love to our darling Naina, I’m sure she will be so happy to read about her Papa and these blogs are definitely gonna he one of the biggest treasure for her.

    I’m beyond happy to know this year has been so good to all of you . I wish that coming days will also be the best days filled with happiness and wrapped in love for all of you.Please convey my best wishes to Sangeeta , uncle , Neha and congrats to all the cousins of maj . Akshay who are getting hitched this year.

    With love ,

    Liked by 1 person

    • You and many others have been part of our journey Preethi and we are really touched and grateful for the understanding and support. I will try and write about other brave soldiers and super humans too in the months to come. Thank you for the love to Naina, Sangeeta, Neha and best wishes to Ankit too. God bless you and your family.


  14. Dear Auntiji
    I just happened to see this post and then couldn’t stop reading it. Born a daughter to a BSF guy, it had been my ardent desire to enlist in the Army but destiny chose otherwise. Now I think whether I would have made an officer worthy enough to stand with the likes of your son .
    Now my son harbours a strong desire to join the Forces but then again I wonder do I have the heart of a lioness like you ? Would I be as strong as you are?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Snigdha, so sweet of you to read about Akshay and reach out to a mother. Your father is a patriot and we salute him for his service. You as his daughter imbibed the emotions that put motherland over self. Destiny may have taken you elsewhere but your respect for the nation and those who selflessly give their all to protect our freedom will always remain. In your own way, you will raise your children to be good citizens and that is so so important. If your son wants to do something really badly, he will. And while no parent can ever prepare oneself to go through what we are now, you will support him and thrill in his achievements, whatever they may be. I dont know if this makes sense or I am rambling! Sending you love and God bless your family, particularly your son.


  15. Dear aunty,plz keep writing it is my only means of communicating with u.Feel that u teach me a way to live a big sized life through the writings about Maj.Akshay.U know aunty as I rock Bikram to sleep somewhere deep inside my heart I aspire not only to be wonderful Ma but also a hats off saas like u.As there is very little mytime left for me with two kids read ur posts whenever i feel tired or low.aunty as i am a strong believer in miracles i feel Maj Akshay just returned his spectacles to tell his loved ones that i am around u all.Sangeeta is another brave lady hats off to her courage i feel so good when i see her smiling through her immense grief.lots of love to little naina.aunty oneday when my daughter was seeing nainu’s pics with Maj.AKshay she said something very strong which left me speechless.She said”Ma nainuer papa kothay ,jei bad man ra take mereche tader God punish korbe tumi dekho sob bhalo hoye jabe”.(Ma where is nainu’s papa,God will punish the bad man who has hurt him,u see ma all will be fine). Have a nice year ahead with family weddings and lots of love from all of us.Love and prayers to my awsome fauzi family.tkcr .

    Liked by 1 person

    • So nice to hear from you Lisa! With two little ones, you still manage to read and respond to my post- hats off to you. I too wait for your comments because I know you will write when you read. Give a big hug to your daughter from me. Thank you for your good wishes and take good care of yourself and your family. Sending you much love and God bless.


  16. Hello aunty,
    As I’m your silent follower I went through this blog also(was waiting from long time). Your every blog show how strong you are. Everytime I read your blog it feels like you’re sitting in front of me and sharing your stories, it’s an art to express your emotions and you’re blessed with that so, please keep writing.
    May God bless you with good health, long life and more reasons to laugh.😊
    A warm hug and lots of love to Naina

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and reaching out to me Gauri. So thoughtful of you. Naina smiled at your hug! Sending you a hug and lots of love. God bless your family.


  17. Hi aunty… i used to watch the serial on dd national in 90’s. Today, i just across with its short clip & Sangeeta mam came in mind. So sharing with you.

    Lots of love & respect to u all…


    • I did try watching but a whole lot of you tube videos pop up on this link. Anyways, thank you for keeping Sangeeta in your thoughts. Love and God bless your family.


  18. Hello Ma’am,
    I was reading ur post and things which you’ve mentioned about Akshay Sir. Really ur quotes are inspiring us and I’ll pray for more strength and happiness in ur life. Looking forward to more writtings and inspiration.

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