Major Akshay Girish: Son, Hero, Martyr

Even as I sit down to pen the final part of this true life story on our martyred son Akshay, we are pained that every other day, our precious soldiers are having to continue laying down their lives, protecting us. The terrible truth is that some local separatist mobs in certain districts of Kashmir have been obstructing anti-terror operations, pelting stones at our soldiers, helping terrorists escape, and worse, have even tried to stop the evacuation of injured soldiers.  The army had been told to show restraint and not hit back at ‘civilians’. As a result, one more officer (Major Satish Dahiya) and three soldiers went back to their homes and grieving families in wooden boxes draped with the tricolor. While saluting the sacrifice of the martyrs, it seems the time has come for us to take a firm stand. Should we value the lives of our protectors or value those who want to kill us and destroy our motherland?

The past two weeks have been hectic – travel, very emotional meetings, many more visitors and nostalgic conversations, and importantly, recognition and honour for Akshay’s bravery and sacrifice under circumstances that most of us cannot even visualize.

Girish and I made the promised journey to a rather small and remote village beyond Agartala in Tripura (Thanks to help from the army unit there and Capt Avinash who accompanied us), to meet with Naik Chittaranjan Debbrama’s family. We knew communication would be difficult due to lack of a common language but we needed no language to connect! The moment I stepped towards his beautiful young wife Namita, she broke down, sobbing her heart out for a long time, while I held her close, trying to calm her. Chittaranjan’s frail father’s body heaved as silent sobs shook his chest, when Girish gave him a hug. His mother, grief written all over her face, wiped tears that managed to escape her eyes, as she fought to stay composed. The little ones (home from the Boarding school they study in), 12 year old daughter Inlet and 7 year old son Kaplai looked a little confused initially.  It was another soldier from Akshay’s unit and young Inlet who helped interpret what both sides spoke.  Inlet inspired us by her composure and pride in her father when she recalled his words telling us ‘I know my father was very brave. He would tell me work hard and you can be whatever you want to – engineer, doctor, teacher…’ His brothers, sisters and their families were there as were Namita’s parents and we were touched- they all wanted to meet us. We were hosted graciously, shown Chittaranjan’s grave (Girish Saluted the braveheart) and told that the Tripura Government had promised Namita a job, a memorial for Chittaranjan and a road and school will be named after the valiant warrior. The family crowded around us as we told them about Akshay, Sangeeta and Naina, our family trip to the ‘Karma bhoomi’ and our plans to stay strong despite sorrow of loss. We told them they now have an extended family in us and that the children could possibly consider college education in Bengaluru. Inlet took down our contact details. I think we came away feeling happy that we went. It was nice to see Namita and his parents composed and smiling as they waved us goodbye.


In a very well organized award ceremony in Mysuru, Rotary Midtown honoured Akshay with the ‘Sainik Desh Ratna Award’. Instituted from this year, Akshay was chosen as the first recipient of this award and Girish was called upon to accept it. Girish, Sangeeta, Naina and I attended along with Col Deswal (Akshay’s first CO), Jamuna and Pradish’s father Mr. Gopalakrishna. The hall was full and while Mr. Bhaskar, Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Aiyanna spoke in praise of soldiers and the Indian Defence Services, Girish spoke on the Nagrota incident. When Akshay’s citation was read out, I failed to stop my tears. The Rotarians have ambitious plans to promote awareness among students in Karnataka and encourage them to aspire for a career in the Army, Navy, Air force and Paramilitary Forces.  A noble though indeed, for our country today is increasingly being threatened, and needs brave sons and daughters to defend and protect it. A generous cheque accompanied the award and we will be donating this money for a good cause. We thank Rotary Club for honouring Akshay. We were touched by all those who attended, asked questions, expressed solidarity with the cause and our family, and blessed Naina.

Every night, as I get into bed, my thoughts continue to be filled with Akshay’s sweet, smiling face, his words, his pranks, his love and concern, his laughter. I often dream of him but no dreams so far have been on what he went through that fateful day.  Those painful thoughts come only when I am wide awake. ‘How long did he lay bleeding, in pain after being hit? Could he have been saved? Did he try to reach out to us but couldn’t because his phone was smashed and burnt? Did he have to suffer a lot or did God grant him a quick death?’

As we come to the end of this series on Akshay, I know that somehow, through my blog, or on phone, or visits, or through other means, our connection with each one of you will continue. It is with very mixed feelings that I bring to you the end of Akshay’s Story, My Way.



We were all set to be reunited as a family on 1st December 2016 and on 25th November, while piling up gifts bought for Naina, Sangeeta and Akshay, I sent a whatsapp message saying ‘waiting eagerly to see you all in Mumbai. Especially Akshay- its been so long’. The next two days, as Girish, Neha, Pradish and I made a quick one night dash to Pune to attend a family friends daughter’s wedding (Devina-Keith Say I Do), Akshay, Sangeeta and Naina went out with friends  to Zamindari Dhabha and 17 Mile,  ahead of Jammu, for a day of fun and good food. We exchanged happy family pictures of our outings on whatsapp. On 28th Akshay called in the morning and when I picked up Girish’s phone, he asked for ‘dad’. The two then went on to have a never ending conversation on ‘cars’ that lasted over 15 minutes! Akshay was planning to replace his red Fabia and wanted help from Girish to decide from his shortlist. Later the same evening, Sangeeta’s parents came home with gifts as well for us to pack and we had dinner together.

That was the last phone call from Akshay to one of us back home and Girish was the chosen one.

On the dawn of 29th November, that fateful, tragic day, Girish left to do an early morning flight. When Sangeeta’s first whasapp message reached us on ‘family’ it was a bolt out of the blue. ‘Please see news…Attack in Nagrota, she said. Oh no…what happened…all ok? Was Neha’s instant response. Outside our mess location….Akshay is out. We are all in the rooms….dont know whats happening. I came into the conversation with ‘OMG!’ Turning on the television, I continued- ‘Watching it on India today…. started at 5.45am. No other details yet’. Neha continued ‘Sangy, can you hear firing….? Yes…very close. There was supposed to be a drill but firing started earlier’ she said. I added ‘Artillery regiment attacked…says news. Stay low with Naina, Sangy. Keep away from windows’. The conversation continued on these lines between Sangeeta, Neha and me. I was glued to TV news, switching between channels and messaging updates like ‘three terrorists supposedly holed up…..entered in police uniforms……etc. Neha, early on her way to work in the office cab was saying ‘not much news online yet….keep us updated ma… ‘ and Sangeeta was saying ‘Naina got up early with the loud sound ….all the officers are out…We have sentries outside the room’.

Suddenly, unexpectedly at 8.09 am, Akshay sent us this one message on the family group. ‘Im in the firefight..first round came at our vehicle…Im with my qrt firing…three casualty..

My heart sank. Sangeeta and Neha must have experienced the same emotion.

Neha was the first to respond to Akshay with ‘So sad….Stay focused Akshay….Love’

I followed with ‘Stay focused Akshay…Your training is all you need right now. Love you’

That was the last we ever heard from our beloved braveheart.


The rest of the day is now a blur and yet it is all coming back to me as I write. Girish landed after his flight, saw the messages and responded with ‘Good luck Aks’. The four of us kept in constant touch with Sangeeta, updating what the news was reporting and asking ‘are you and Naina safe’, ‘is the firing still on’, and ‘did Akshay call?’ News channels had started reporting ‘Major Kunal and three soldiers have been martyred’. Saddened, yet pushing all fearful thoughts out of our minds, we tried to tell ourselves that Akshay was fine and we would hear from him soon. Girish and I also tried to distract ourselves by sticking to some errands we had committed to for the day but continued to follow TV news.  Meanwhile, Pradish and Neha decided they would come straight to our home after getting out early from their work spaces.

By 11.30am, I had started getting a ‘bad feeling’ and by 2.00 pm, increasingly restless, I had started blabbering to friend Lalita. I think I said things like ‘No one deserves anything bad to happen to them but life is unpredictable. What can happen to others can happen to us as well…we are in no way special…all human beings will experience  sorrow and joy etc.

At 2.03 pm, Girish sent a message on the family whatsapp:


Off the family whatsapp, many calls and message were exchanged directly between Sangeeta and me all through that afternoon. Sangeeta, Naina and other families had been shifted out of their rooms to a safer area and Nainu had eaten, slept and woken up. There had been no news from Akshay and no one from the unit had heard from him either.

With each passing minute, not having heard from Akshay, we were individually pushing out fearful thoughts from our minds and trying to reassure each other and ourselves that Akshay would be fine and we would soon hear from him. 

When I could bear it no longer, I called Sangeeta at about 6.30 pm, hoping to get some good news. She did not pick up the call. Before I could try again, my phone rang. I grabbed at the phone, hope soaring seeing Sangeeta’s return call, but what I heard still makes my stomach contort into a tight, painful ball. I don’t think I will ever be able to get over Sangeeta’s wails of pain and absolute anguish as I heard her crying  ‘…ma…. we lost him ma…. Akshay…. Akshay…… Akshay……’ Then someone took the phone from her and said ‘Aunty, I am Shrishti’…I heard myself desperately asking ‘What is Sangeeta saying Shrishti…. Can I speak to Akshay’s CO please? I need to speak with him’. Col Prakash came on line and haltingly asked for ‘Major Akshay’s father’. My desperation rising, I told him ‘Akshay’s father is out on some work. Please tell me what has happened. I can take it.’ He confirmed the news ‘I am sorry to tell you maam that we have lost Akshay.’ Just before I broke down completely, I think I said, ‘Please take care of Sangeeta and Naina. We will come as soon as we can. Please look after Sangeeta.’

I put down the phone and went to pieces, howling like my world had ended. Was that my voice? Were those my howls? Those loud, hoarse horrible sounds- were they coming out of me?

Mamta and Birendar ran in from the garden.  I started making those dreadful calls to break the news to Girish, Neha-Pradish, my parents, brother…..By the time I called Col Ravindran, he had been informed and we were both crying as we spoke. I called Sangeeta again to tell her ‘be strong rani…we are coming to bring you home…..’and her cries of  ‘kab aaoge ma..’ broke my heart. Pradish was the first family member to get home to me and immediately started booking flight tickets for us to get to Jammu. Soon, Girish, Neha, my parents and aunt, Sarit and Deshu, Ritu and Sanjay, Lalita….everyone was home. I really cant remember if there were more.. …..our once happy  home was full of shocked, grieving people. As we left for the airport that night, we all knew our lives would never be the same again.

After that immeasurably painful trip to Jammu to receive Akshay’s mortal remains and bring Sangeeta and Naina home, our more recent trip to the ‘Karma Bhoomi’ has strangely helped us soothe very deep wounds. Interacting with so many people who witnessed the Nagrota attack or knew the details we sought – from members of Akshay’s quick reaction team to his CO, from the senior-most officers to the families that had got out alive, they all told us how valiantly our martyrs had fought. Right till their last breath. They gave their all to protect and defend. It was their immediate and effective response that had prevented a catastrophe from unfolding.

While many investigating teams have pieced together the sequence of events, I cannot claim this version to be absolutely accurate. Nevertheless, it has been put together by a civilian (me) as factually as possible, based on what we learned from people on the ground.

The attack had been meticulously planned well in advance and the heavily armed terrorists who had infiltrated from across the border had local support. They had been met and driven to a spot behind the long hill ridge the previous night. In the wee hours, the terrorists dressed in police uniforms walked about a kilometer along the wooded hill ridge to reach their chosen target at one end of the Nagrota cantonment. The specific area had housing for families of officers and other ranks, the Artillery Mess and guest rooms. The dark wintry night made it possible for the terrorists to scale the outer wall (there were trees along the wall and they had a rope ladder), cut the wired fence and shoot dead the lone sentry before he could raise an alarm. Almost at the same time, they entered a room just behind a residential block and shot dead three soldiers from the Rashtriya Rifles. The soldiers were on their way home after tenure in the valley and had barely woken up in their transit room when they were shot. The time was about 5.30 am. Three terrorists now entered the two buildings that housed 16 people – women, children, unarmed officers and men. While the families had locked their doors, the terrorists had the advantage of vantage positions with protective walls, free access to the corridors and staircases, cover behind water tanks and parapet walls on the roof. Armed to the teeth with AKs, grenades and rocket launchers, dry fruits, medicines, maps and so on, they had come prepared for a long haul.

Barely 200 meters away, officers and families from the neighbouring Engineers unit were rudely woken up by the loud blasts and gunfire. Naina was startled and Akshay who had gone into the bathroom to get ready for PT came out telling Sangeeta ‘this does not sound like a practice drill’. Quickly he changed into his combat uniform (as did other brother officers) and just before he left home, smilingly, he told Sangy ‘You must write about this one day’.

When he reached their workplace, his CO had summoned the QRT(Quick Reaction Team) and as soon as he saw Akshay, asked him to lead. While the QRT vehicle(a bullet proof van called ‘Casper’) quickly made its way to the location under attack, Maj Kunal (from the Artillery unit), who was rushing in on his bike, saw the Engineers QRT, stopped it and decided to join the team in their task.

The vehicle came under heavy fire from terrorists as it entered the area and bullets aimed directly at the driver and soldiers hit bullet proof glass. Realising the danger the inmates in the blocks were faced with, staying safe in the vehicle was not a choice they had.  In the dark, with bullets aimed at them, Major Kunal (who knew the layout around and within the buildings and the people trapped inside) said it was imperative they try to get a pregnant lady to safety immediately. Akshay sent Jung Saab with Kunal, deployed Chittaranjan on the LMG at a point opposite the main block and he with another buddy took positions to give cover.  Kunal and Jung Saab climbed up a drain pipe from behind the second block to the first floor room she was in, and they got her out the same way they had entered. Soon, the lady and her unborn baby were driven away to safety. It was when Kunal decided to come down the stairs at the other end of the block (he must have felt the need to check if others were in need of help), that he was hit by a bullet and fell to the ground. Seconds later, he managed to get up and run across the building’s edge and towards where his mates were. He was rushed into a vehicle and evacuated to the hospital. He said ‘don’t tell Uma- she will get upset. I am okay and will speak to her later from hospital.’ Sadly, he did not make the half hour journey as the bullet had pierced a vital organ.

As bullets continued to rain around, messages from an unarmed officer trapped inside with his wife and baby made it clear that the terrorists were banging on doors and it was just a matter of time when this hostage situation would lead to a massacre of innocents. Since the soldiers could not shoot indiscriminately into the blocks, or use heavy weapons for fear of killing our own trapped inside, Akshay decided they had to enter the blocks to try and save them, no matter what the consequences. Leading from the front, he made his way through the waist high undergrowth behind a block with his buddy following. His buddy said ‘meri bari thi aage jaane ki par kaune mein Saab ne rok liya aur khud aage badhe (it was my turn to leapfrog ahead around the corner of the building block but Sir stopped me and went ahead instead). As soon as Akshay turned the corner of the block, running towards the staircase, he faced a burst of bullets from a hidden terrorist. The fiend, safe inside an unoccupied room on the ground floor had a direct view of the staircase and open space around it. Multiple bullets pierced Akshay (ordinary bullet proof jackets end at the waist and have gaps on the sides), and as he fell into the undergrowth, he must have tried to crawl for cover beside a protective wall. Realising that Akshay was moving away, the terrorist threw a grenade at him. Other soldiers heard the grenade blast and knew Akshay had been hit but couldn’t see him. When they tried to get to where Akshay lay, more grenades were thrown to stop them in their tracks.

We later learnt that it was the grenade that killed Akshay. His body however could not be spotted and recovered until much later that evening. He was discovered only during mopping up after the operation had ended. We had lost our most beloved Akshay and would miss him forever.

Chittaranjan, in relative safety behind a stone counter in the garden in front of the building blocks, continued to valiantly engage the terrorists with his machine gun. He held out until the Special Forces team arrived.  Destiny though had other plans and he took a bullet on his forehead and slumped over his gun, task completed. With their superior training and equipment (UAV for a birds eye view, neck below bullet proof clothing and superior weapons), they were able to spot and eliminate the three terrorists, one by one. The firing from the terrorists had ended by about 11.30 am but one or two more being holed up waiting for the kill could not be ruled out. Hence, mopping up operations started only later in the afternoon.

Kunal, Akshay and Chittaranjan had been martyred fighting, but not before they had lived upto the ethos of the Indian army. They had fought fearlessly for about three hours and succeeded in protecting our fellow citizens. They had prevented the terrorists from taking hostages, killing them or branching out into other spaces around with their destructive agenda. Every single woman, child and man (who had thought they would die) walked out without a scratch that day.

The terrorists failed to execute their plans of causing maximum damage. Our soldiers, once again had succeeded. They had to sacrifice their lives to do so.

To try and put into words or expressions the feelings and emotions that we experienced during this time in Nagrota is beyond my ability as a writer. I will therefore, not try and instead, will leave it to you, dear readers, to draw from your own imagination. Here are bits of what we heard and experienced.

Your son was absolutely fearless. He was calm and did everything as it should have been done. I get gooseflesh everytime I think of how brave Akshay was that day- bullets whizzing all around in the dark and still he stood there like a rock, fighting back and blocking the path in case the terrorists tried to escape.

We have recreated every minute of that terrible day and are convinced that but for the bravery and leadership of the two officers, the news headlines the next morning would have led to national mourning…

Had they cared for their own safety and not gone in, we would have had another Kaluchak  on our hands. Just across are homes of 300 families. If even one terrorist had managed to get there, can you imagine the mayhem? (On 14 May 2002 near the town of Kaluchak in J&K, three militants attacked a tourist bus from Himachal Pradesh and massacred 31 people, including women and 10 children. 47 people were wounded)

Knowing they couldn’t use heavy weapons to fight back, they put themselves in the line of fire while going in to get the terrorists, and saved our people. It rattled the terrorists- they couldn’t take time off to break into locked doors…..

There is no doubt that they displayed exemplary bravery and presence of mind under circumstances one can only try to imagine. In 20 years of service, I have never been faced with such a situation and these young boys have done us all proud. They have done our nation proud.

Bhanupriya, her husband and one year old baby were among those who were saved that day. She came to meet us and said Humne toh us din haath utha liye the- socha tha bach ke nahin nikelenge. Mera bacha dar ke mare roya hi nahin…ya phir shayad Bhagwan ka haath iske sar par tha. Kunal bhaiya aur Akshay, jo hamein bachane aaye…..her voice broke as she wept…. tears of sorrow and gratitude for their saviours. I tried to smile and console the young woman who with her family had been through hell and back. ‘Hume khushi hai ki aap sab bach gaye. Sahi salaamat hain. Is bache ko hasta khelta dekh kar lag raha hai ki unhone sahi kiya. Sangita added ‘Kunal aur Akshay bahut khush honge ki aap ko kuch nahin hua.

I am reminded of a message on my blog which said ‘dard ka rishta bhi apne aap mein anmol hota hai’.

My thoughts run back to the time we waited in a Jammu hospital (30th November 2016), waiting to see Akshay for the last time. Not knowing what his face and body would look like and wanting to protect Sangeeta and Neha from becoming more distressed, I had insisted that Girish and I would first see Akshay. They had the choice to not see him this way and remember him full of life, smiling and happy, in case they wanted that. ‘Then why are you going in to see him ma’? Sangeeta asked through her tears. ‘Because it is my one last chance rani’, I had blurted out. Her tearful ‘Its my last chance too ma’ meant the decision had been made .

When we were allowed to see Akshay, I was stunned. How could his face look so peaceful after such a sudden, violent death? Girish and Sangeeta felt the same way although Neha felt his lopsided smile looked more like a grimace of pain.

Moving back to our Nagrota visit, the day we were shown around the encounter site, we were told that the place looks different now as trees had been cut, undergrowth cleared and security beefed up.  I picked up a pebble from the spot where Akshay had been found and held on to it as we all moved away. Pradish lingered back a while longer, taking pictures and looking around. A few moments later, he had placed Akshay’s spectacles in Sangeeta’s hands and we all dissolved in tears, hugging each other at finding something so precious. Akshay’s CO told us it was a miracle. That different investigating teams(From the Army , Police, NIA etc) had been there almost 50 times, searching for every bit of evidence they could find, going so far as to dig up the mud and sift it to look for small splinters, bullet, cartridges…and this pair of spectacles, too large to have missed being spotted, had escaped them all!  An officer from the artillery unit said ‘I don’t know if you believe in spiritual connections but this is one such.’

It felt as if the universe had conspired to make Akshay’s spectacles vanish for two months and seven days. As if waiting for us, his family.  As if to show us where Akshay took his last breath on earth. As if Akshay knew we would come and find it.  He had worn his glasses to work every single day and it felt as if we had found part of him. As Sangeeta said, on his birthday (6th February), ‘instead of we giving Pradish a gift, he had given us the biggest possible gift’. A part of Akshay had been returned to us.

The next morning, the unit had arranged for a special prayer for Akshay and Chittaranjan and we were part of the most simple and most beautiful prayers in the Temple and Gurudwara. Conducted by soldier priests, Akshay and Chittaranjan were praised for their supreme sacrifice, taking from the teachings of Krishna to Arjun (in the Bhagwat Gita) and Guru Gobind Singh. As the tears flowed freely, I also felt more peaceful than I had in a long-long time.

Naam, Namak, Nishan’ are the core ethos of men in uniform. And the concept has held good across ages. Loosely translated, it means:

  • Naam – Name/Reputation of your country, Name/Reputation of your Regiment or ‘Paltan’
  • Namak – Fidelity to the salt you’ve partaken
  • Nishaan – Ensign, Flag. This can be the Indian flag and the Colors of the regiment. Since earlier days, soldiers rallied around their flags and would make the ultimate sacrifice to protect it from falling into enemy hands.

The different meanings of the word Akshay are Eternal, immortal, indestructible.

He has been immortalized in Nagrota at ‘Akshay’s Retreat- the Nineteenth’ – a glass hut dedicated to his memory. The stone plaque dedicated to Akshay was unveiled by Sangeeta on 7th February. Akshay’s entire fraternity in Nagrota were in attendance.

I take this opportunity to thank you all once again for staying with us on this journey. We will hopefully, find our own peace with time. It does seem as if we all were meant to be connected through Akshay and I hope we will continue to stay connected. God bless each one of you and give you and your families many joyous times in the coming years.

With love and warm regards,

Meghna Girish

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      • Cud visualise each n every moment u Al went through mam…..cud wipe n stop my tears only after I finished reading ur blog…sad dat der seems to b no end to d precious lives of r soldiers being lost day in n day out.Can only pray God to keep r Brave hearts safe.luv to u n family mam.Salute to Al d brave hearts n their brave families….Jai Hind


      • It is a sad truth Priya, our brave soldiers die fighting to protect our country and our people. Thank you for your Salute to Akshay and other martyrs. Take care. God bless you and your family


  1. Meghna, am short of words. Was waiting for ur write up but it did bring tears. I cld literally hear my heart beats while reading his last moments. My salute to dear Akshay n each one of u back home. It’s only because of him, we strangers are connected and hv become one big family.
    I wish to meet u all in person, truly don’t know when n give u one tight hug.
    Wld love if u kept writing abt him . It was such a pleasure knowing him through u.
    Praying that he’s happy where ever he is .
    Love n take care.


  2. Aunty,had been desperately waiting for this last one.Thank you so much for letting us know the facts. I have no ways to express my grief as this incident had taken away a wonderful human being who always had a smile and did good for all. Nevertheless a great friend. We miss you Akshay! And from somewhere up above,he is always looking at us. The real stars always shine up in the sky.

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  3. Aunty very emotional right now and can’t stop myself from sobbing. Insha Allah will meet you all in my next visit to India. It’s so painful to even think of what Sangeeta must have been through on that day. Not knowing where and how Maj. Akshay was until late hours of that day waiting to hear from him. Dil dahail jaata hai bus soch kar hi.
    Please continue to blog it gives strength and inspiration in life.
    Love take care


  4. Dear Aunty,
    I was waiting for the last one. Thank you for making me a part of your journey by writing about it. I wish to meet you all in person! But you are all in my prayers everyday.
    No words can describe his supreme sacrifice,his courage and the love for his country. He is immortalised in all our minds. He was so selfless and courageous to take the bullets so that others were safe. Salute to Him!!!
    He is here with us and looking at you all. He will continue to guide and be there for you all through your thoughts.
    Take care…
    My regards to all


  5. My most beloved , dear Meghna aunty
    It is truly amazing reading your last piece to this writing on “Our Akshay” …
    Through them not only have we readers got this blessing of knowing “Him”, better and feeling a deep connection with each one of you but also have been inspired to live better because “He” did “that” day..
    Your pain has become our pain and your grief …irrevocable, yet I dont want to cry..they do trickle down but i fight them back for “He ” deserves our courage…Our strength… He is my strength …a pillar to look up to reflect in deep thought…
    What a harsh reality we as families of armed forces have to survive to each day..that we send our most precious part..pieces of our soul for people who defend and protect these criminals… and also saddening is the harsh reality that what is our government waiting for…is there a certain number of sacrifices left to be made and blood to be lost ..families to be broken before they wake up to the ‘hour of the need’ …inferior bullet proof jackets…
    “Naam, Namak, Nishaan”, we stand by them indeed…and courage …these killers of humanity have no perception of it…’they dare not touch Nagrota again’ quoting Sangy..after all its “our Akshay’s”, Karmabhumi…
    “Those spectacles “, are a miracle indeed…and all it does is brings more peace….I too believe in devine connection and feel He is with you all right now as He is with me…He may have taken His last breadth but “His”legacy continues..He is “Our pride”, i wish to boast around all lands and seas that I belong to the land where ‘the immortal , the great, the very brave Akshay lived and belonged..He is no less than Arjuna from previous birth…
    He is a “Phoenix”, aunty…And a soaring one indeed…He shall be reborn from His ashes…
    I have found my peace through you…Your family is a symbol of courage and great strength for me…I feel connected to all of you more than ever and to confess “our Akshay” too..and its beautiful…I will always always and always be with you…mentally emotionally spiritualy and whenever possible physically too…
    Sending you the warmest hug i could last remember giving my mum…
    You may have lost a son but won a daughter instead.
    Love and only love
    Affectionately yours


    • Always happy to have more kids Shivangi….lots of love and hugs to you. Know our connection does not really need words….cheer up. God bless you all


  6. I don’t even have words to say or write to you. I cannot even begin to imagine what you all have gone through. And then to have the courage to write about it.. You’re a proud mother, yes.. But Akshay is a proud son too.. Somewhere up there… I wish there was a magic wand for all the hatred in the world to go away.. But if wishes were horses, Akshay n the others would be alive today.. My deepest regards to you and your family Meghna.. God bless you all..


  7. Dearest Meghna Ma’am, thank you for sharing with us your most private moments & memories with your Akshay!

    For those of us who had never met him, it revealed to us the lovely person that he was.

    For those of us who do not understand the courage & commitment that members of the Armed Forces carry ever single moment even as they face dangerous situations, it is a revelation that while they are human beings just like us with families and aspiration, they have chosen to be different. If only we show even a fraction of their courage & willingness to adhere to principles and stand up for them, our society & country would be greatly benefited.

    When I read about your trips to Tripura & Nagrota, I can only imagine the melange of feelings that you must have all felt. It must have been particularly difficult to hear about what Akshay would have seen/felt in his final moments. But, I hope it gives you all some much needed closure.

    I will write more after I re-read this post…I can’t stop the tears right now. But, I have you all in my thoughts & prayers. Please stay strong. Sending you my virtual hugs, as always..and lots of love!


  8. Speechless. Nothing more to be said then just to share your loss. All these brave men being lost way too early, in whats supposed to be peace time, only because of vested interests in political, bureaucracy and military leadership, none of them want to focus on a solution and are happy serving our brave men as canon fodder.

    Blood boils for every loat life. And it’s just not stopping albeit getting worse by the day.

    You all stay strong. May the soul of your brave son rest in peace. He went with his head held high in service to his nation.


    • He did Anand- and Akshay made us hold our heads high too. How else could we have borne his loss with composure…despite all the public and media attention?! Thank you for your understanding and support- what we cant control or change, we try to accept. Love and God bless


  9. Hi Meghna, Something told me the last piece would read like this. Deeply stirring and emotional- Akshay, Kunal and Chittranjan represent the finest of this Army and also reflect the great family traditions which birth to such immortals. In the midst of great sorrow, slivers of hope and optimism from the narratives of your visit to the North East and in those bonds will grow the immortals of tomorrow………………..


    • They definitely do Kpm- we are blessed to have such immortals in our lives. Thank you for reading and being on this journey with us. Take care


  10. Hi,
    Every time I read what you write the pain comes through and controlling the tears is not possible. No one should ever have to go through such pain. As for Akshay – his selflessness, his courage, his sacrifice – they are the hallmarks of a true soldier. He did his duty – service before self – and there are no words that could come close to expressing our and the nations gratitude for making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Girish, Meghna, Sangeeta – we salute you and Akshay. We share your pain. God bless all of you and give you the courage and strength needed to deal with this loss. God Bless.


    • Thank you for saluting Akshay and for being with us through our life’s journey Ashwani…words are not needed to express our bonding. Take care. God bless


      • Respected Aunty,

        Stay Strong n look after the family.

        Kindly let us know if i can be of any service.

        You may have lost one son
        But now you have his brother officers to fulfill all his duties.


        Yours Son.


      • Dear Son Siddarth,

        Thank you for your simple and stirring message. God bless you and your family. Come and meet us when you can. Love and take care.


  11. Thank you for writing this article. It has run chill through my body. Hats off to the Major! I pray his family is taken care of.

    It is because of men like these that our country is safe. Men like our Major make such feel proud and motivated.


    • Thank you for your words and support Subhash. Yes, our brave soldiers like Akshay protect our freedom….often by giving up their lives to keep us safe. God bless you and your family


  12. Dear Meghana mam….. Thank you very much for sharing Akshays memories. I have no words to express my feelings….
    May God gives the strength and courage to you,Mr.Girish,Sangeetha,Neha and all other family members. Love and blessings to Naina….


  13. It was a great experince for me to read the blog and know Girish. It also made me aware how much we owe to this young martyr. My salute to him, you Meghana and the entire family. 

    Sent from my Samsung device


    • Life takes us through the most difficult times…and strength comes from God knows where….thank you for reaching out Seema. God bless


  14. I had stopped reading the posts after the first two. It was difficult for me to read it. I know of all the incidents you write about and we have discussed them so many times in the last couple of months, but I just could not get down to reading the blog. May be it was my way of denial. Today, I read all the posts together. It was reliving Akshay’s whole life. I pictured him in all the stages of his life, the little bachha, the school boy, the NDA cadet, the fun boy, the caring brother, the brother who loved to be looked after, and then with Sangeeta and Naina. It was a difficult reading – both because I was re-living his life and that I had to wipe away the tears so that I could continue.
    I firmly believe that Akshay came into our lives to teach us something and with his work complete he has gone somewhere where he is needed – more than we need him here. Its time for us to do our bit. Learn from his life. It is said that time heals – but does that mean we forget? No. Akshay, you will always be around us and integral part of all the happenings here, giving us strength, helpful tips, PJs and ‘i told you so’ and the ability to look at life positively. Love you Akshay!


    • Lots of love and hugs to you Sarit….you(and Pratap, Pooja, Sameer, now Viraj too)….were always part of our lives ….Akshay, Neha’s and now, Sangeeta and Naina’s extended family. That doesnt change. Akshay knows that – from wherever he is…


      • Meghna, don’t stop here. Lots more needs to be written. And you are so good at expressing your thought in words. Akshay’s story has got all of us together. Maybe it is for some cause and it will stop this useless fighting. We need to unite and find some way to stop this. We owe it to Akshay and the others who have left us and also those who are still there fighting so that we can sit here in peace.


  15. Glad you wrote this, I know, it must have been extremely difficult for you. But even Akshay wanted it right?
    Your post made me think what could have happened. My interpretation is that maybe he had a last wish when he lay there in his final moments. Knowing the love he had for his family, he must have wished to see you guys around him one last time. I think from 29th November’16 to 6th February’17 his soul must have been there wishing that you come and I feel he was delighted to see you guys and left his spectacles back as an acknowledgement that his wish has been fulfilled.
    I believe that is also one of the reasons why u feel more at peace now. I feel your heart knows that he did get what he wanted.
    You are one of the best mothers a child could have. Take care.
    Love and Hugs.


    • Your interpretation is comforting Pradnya. Thank you for your sweet thoughts and for sharing them with us. Much love to you. Take care. God bless


  16. Sacrifices are made and have to be made…but the families affected only know the immense pain they have to deal with forever…I pray to the most powerful to bless all of you….May he bestow his choicest blessings on each one of you and show you the path leading to peace and happiness..


  17. Meghna, this part was very overwhelming. I read it and re read. I am so glad for you all that the recent visit to Nagrota has brought some much needed peace to your weeping hearts. I had always heard about the tough lives our soldiers lead protecting us lesser souls but your blog has opened my eyes to the hardships and knowing Akshay and you as a family, I can feel your pain . God give you all the strength and courage. Love always to you all


    • It has Gayatri. This post has also helped us accept that Akshay, though not with us physically, is at peace ….knowing his sacrifice saved so many precious lives. His face reflected that. Love and hugs to you. Thank you.


  18. Though i dont know you personally ,i always cry when i read this blog.Hats off to you and your family madam.
    For your son;the only thing that i can say is that everytime i hear the National Anthem,i think of him and salute him and his family.
    deepest regards to all of you🙏🏻


  19. You are very brave Mam. I couldn’t stop my tears reading this last piece of yours. There can be no words to console this loss however the pride of raising such a son is yours. May your family find peace in this difficult time. Warm regards!


    • I am not brave Abha…just trying to cope as best as possible. Akshay was so brave, we owe him at least that much. Love and God bless you


  20. I wept reading your blog Megna, about your heroic son and his supreme sacrifice. I come from a family of army officers all of whom have fought in wars.
    A soldier’s family knows what their son’s and daughters are being trained for. They know that a single phone call may tear their lives apart, but nothing can prepare one for the horror of sudden loss, this came home when I read your blog.
    We Salute Major Akshay and we grieve with you. We are with you always.


  21. Hi,
    My heart is heavy and clouded with so many emotions that even i dont understand. Such an emotional post… i have been waiting for it. Read it so many times…. each time finding something more in it. You have written is so well .. felt like i was visualising all of it … i cant begin to imagine how u must have felt after that first call from sangeeta…. and for sangeeta finding that out there by herself so far away from family must have been so hard. Finding the glassesadyer so many days is a miracle and planned event by destiny. I am so glad u found that last piece of alshay to take back with u for ever. I guess time will heal the wounds on heart but maj akshay will be missed very much.
    We have all become an extended family now … I sincerely hope you will be able to gain strength from all the love flowing to you all from all sides. Please take care aunty.. be in touch. Lots of love to sangeeta and naina!



    • Finding Akshay’s glasses is the best thing that happened to us since 29th Nov- it truly seems miraculous. Thank you for your sweet words and love to the kids. Take care. Love and hugs to you too. God bless your family


  22. Dear Aunty
    I do not have words right now to express how I am feeling. If I as an observer can have such emotions for someone who I haven’t even met once, then I shudder to imagine the impact that this incident would have on your lives. All I can say right now that they don’t make anyone like your son any more. As you have mentioned many times – he was truly divine.
    For your family, going all the way to Tripura and reaching out to another martyrs family talks a lot about your beliefs and values. It were the same values that Maj Akshay went out with on that day. I salute all of you for being such wonderful people and so courageous.
    Sadness engulfs me as I read this part again and again. I am further saddened that this will be the last part of your series.
    Please keep posting about Maj Akshay and keep him alive in our hearts and memories.
    I hope to meet you all someday.
    Lots of love


    • Dear Ruchi, I dont know what to say….thank you for your sweet words. I will definitely try to write ….maybe to stay connected with all of you- since Akshay has somehow done that for us. Look forward to meeting you someday. Lots of love and take care. God bless you and your family


  23. Dear Meghna aunty
    I don’t know how to tell u how I feel about you guys…IV known Sangeeta as my classmate from school,but was not privelleged enough to know Maj Akshay personally..I attended their wedding in Bangalore..But this catastrophe your family has gone through,somehow has had a deep impact on me..I feel so much for you all..I have been wanting to write to you for so long but I m not a very expressive person ..But this last part has compelled me to reach out to you..I wish I cud just come and give u and sangu a tight hug..I had dreams 3 times to b precise,where I saw Maj Akshay and Sangeeta….Young happy and vibrant..Wherever he is,he is happy..And also because the way you all are so courageously and bravely facing this challenge of life..May God bless u all and esp my darling Naina..And plz don’t stop writing..Dont put a full stop to his story..His story continues with his family..His naina..
    Lots of love to you


    • Dear Afreen,you have expressed your thoughts so well- thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, I have also dreamt of Akshay smiling so hopefully, he is not unhappy. We have to also learn to cope without Akshay’s physical presence and that is hard. Having Sangeeta and Nainu with us is a blessing. You take care. Love and hugs and God bless you all.


  24. Hi Aunty I dont know any of you personally but whatvever you wrote made me look at world in a new way. Wish i would meet you once. Will keep all of you in my daily prayers


  25. Aunty,we are indebted to Maj.Akshay,Maj.Kunal , Naik.Chittaranjan & all the fellow co martyrs for their supreme sacrifice to save our lives.Aunty i will perhaps never be able to personally meet you as i stay very far away in a small town called TATANAGAR but i will remember you & your brave family forever.As you reach wrote this last piece & it is time to say a goodbye i send across much love & prayers to u all.Your writings & Maj.Akshay’s power to connect made a huge & deep impact.tkcr god bless u.we r very proud of our valiant soilders.Jai Hind.


    • Dear Lisa, Is Tata Nagar also known as Jamshedpur? I had been there for a basketball tournament from school- in 1976 I think- long before any of you were born! Who knows, we might meet one day. Thank you for being so supportive in our difficult journey of loss. Yes, our martyrs have sacrificed selflessly for us and we should never forget that. Love to you. Take care. God bless you and your family


  26. Meghna Madam,

    This is Rtn. Dr. K.A.Prahlad from Rotary Mysore Midtown.
    Read your last part of the Akshay’s story with a heavy heart. You have really lived every minute of the that dreadful day. No words to describe.
    Thanks for those nice words about Midtown’s felicitation at Mysuru.

    Take care…

    Dr. Prahlad.


    • Dear Rtn Dr. Prahlad, Thank you for reading Akshay’s story and for your kind words. We thank you for the honour you bestowed on Akshay. Take care. Jai Hind.


  27. For over 24 hours now, have been constantly thinking, about how your family found the specs after two long months and it is difficult to digest that the universe really has its way of speaking to us! It is magical. I hope you continue to hear him call you, you decipher all the dreams, recognizes the places he scribbles on your hands and you wake up and plan to go. May there be endless conversations and depth over distance!

    The post is over too soon, just like the journey. But just like he wanted, the story was told and received with so much pride !!
    Thank you ma’am, for sharing with us the story reminding all of us to live better! We will always remember, in his sacrifice, he gifted all of us a chance. A chance to live all the dreams that he bravely traded to guard ours! How can thanking ever be enough?

    Take care of your health and happiness and do keep writing! We are all listening and we would love to keep in touch with you through your blogs atleast

    Best Regards
    Lots of love

    p.s – I visited your house on the 1st of December to pay our last respects


    • Dear Ankita, Yes, it felt magical- finding Akshay’s specs and that too, intact, after all he went through. I love your words- ‘he gifted all of us a chance….’ Thank you for payng your last respects to our son on 1st December. Do come again. Love and hugs and take care. God bless you and your family


  28. Meghna and Girish Sir,
    What to say? The loss is agonizing. We have always known you for your kindness, ability to give and maintaining your poise and calm in tough times, but this is the ultimate pain destiny could inflict upon you. It is not possible to feel the way you do. This amalgam of pain, pride, grief and glory is too tough to handle. We feel so helpless and have no other choice but to surrender to designs of destiny. Akshay has become immortal with his martyrdom. We salute him and offer our heartfelt “Shraddanjali”.
    Regards and much love.
    Arti and Sanjay


    • Dear Arti and Sanjay,

      True, we have no chice but to surrender to destiny’s designs…and we are trying to do so. Thank you for your salute to Akshay and the Shraddanjali. Take care. Love and God bless you and your family


  29. I read & re-read the post more than 10 times and have finally gathered the strength to comment. It pained my heart equally in every single read, no one in this world can ever comprehend the pain your family & you have and are going through Aunty. More power & love to you.

    The universe did conspire to ensure your family find Maj. Akshay’s glasses. I’d love to keep reading your write -ups.

    Take care of yourself pls & hope to stay connected. Love you!


  30. Dear Meghna,we have never met but feel so connected to you after reading all your blogs,Maj.Akshay & you all are always in my prayers.You are blessed to have been Akshay’s mother….finding his specs is a sign that he is with you all always.GOD bless him & you all.He is an inspiration for our future generations…Please take care of yourself & i hope to stay in touch with you always..mothers like you give us so much of courage..i live at Guruvayur.If ever you come this side, please do let me know….lots of love…Asha..


    • Dear Asha, We may never have met…yet…but who knows, we may one day? Life ‘s ways are unknown and Im glad we are connected- thanks to Akshay. Thank you for your kind words. Love and hugs to you. God bless your family.


  31. Hi Aunty.. All story brings tears in my eyes.salute to all of you..kis miti ke bane hei aap…i dont have any relation with you but really everyday i m thinking all of you…sach me if we are safe to uske peeche sacrifiece hei..i can not express my feeling……… Really i want to meet you


    • Dear Ekta, do come and meet us in Bengaluru…and thank you for reaching out. We can always get to know one another in so many ways- this connection is one such. Take care. Love and God bless


  32. Dear Mrs Girish,
    My wife and I had dropped in un announced at your place on 05 Dec when I came straight from the airport on leave. We had the privilege of paying our respects to Akshay at your place and meeting with his dad, sis Neha, Pradish, Sangeeta and lil Naina. Although I don’t know you and haven’t ever met Akshay, I couldn’t come to b’lore and not meet you all, unfortunately we couldn’t meet you. Akshay Ghorpade is a close family friend and it was him who guided us to your home. Maam, You have done great service to many by bringing out this 13 part series on Akshay. His story has touched many lives through this blog. Thank you. I would love to meet with your family once again, this time not without meeting you when I’m on leave next. Sorry for dropping by un announced that day. I had to.
    Let me complete Akshay’s awesome whatsapp status. “For He shall give His angels charge over you,
    To keep you in all your ways.
    In their hands they shall bear you up,
    Lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Psalm 91, (The Soldier’s Psalm… so very apt!)
    God Bless and God Speed Maam.
    Benny J Thomas
    Akshay’s Brother-in-arms


    • Dear Benny, Sorry I missed out meeting you last time…Akshay’s brother in arms is like our son too so please do come again and again. Akshay Ghorpade is of course much loved by all of us. Your completing Akshay’s whatsapp status has made my day. Thank you so much. Love to you, your wife and God bless your family. Take care.


  33. Meghana,I just couldn’t stop myself from tears flowing from my eyes. I have really no words for your brave heart. You have penned down all your motherly feelings and emotions with pained heart. I can feel your pain, loosing a child is like losing everything. Give my love to dear Sangita and Naina.please take care. I feel your writings will become a great source of strength to the families who are going through the pain of their loved ones in such hateful encounters. God bless and do take care of yourself.Much love.


    • Thank you Meera, you have all been so kind and supportive to our family and that is a reassurance that people do care for one another. Akshay has brought many of us together in a way. Love and take care. God bless


  34. Meghna, have spent the better part of two hours on the blog. Girish told us the whole story when he joined us for the Marut re-union, Tthe emotions that evening that ran through the room are beyond words, we felt the pain, the grief , yet there was also pride. Heavy hearted, each of us felt a resurgent pride – one of our own had given his all.. The moment Girish finished there was the most deafening silence as we battled our emotions. Suddenly there was a solitary, hesitant single clap, That did it for us all. The room echoed and near normalcy returned.

    While Girish spoke, my mind went back to March 2011 when we all assembled in Jodhpur and I kept picturing you & Girish sitting across the table in the Mess. One of us asked about your children and you answered “My son is in the Army” . Chris Soares, speaking for all of us, suddenly burst out saying “You have a son old enough to be in the Army!” Little things, but they stick in ones mind and for some reason every time your tragedy comes to mind, that little scene plays around in my head. Life will get back on the rails, Meghna. This disease will pass with time and only happy memories will keep us company.

    God bless You and your family and give you strength.

    Dara Cooper


    • Dear Dara Cooper,

      Yes, Girish did tell me about how all of you supported him in Pune…it has been very tough on all of us- I wont deny that- and for Girish to have to get back to work and be composed during social engagements when he speaks on Akshay- know how difficult t is. I somehow have found it almost impossible to speak without tears and in a way, shied away from accompanying Girish this time. Do recollect the incident you mention with Chris Soares! Thank you for making me smile. Akshay was a very very special person and Im not saying it just because he was our son. He has also made sure we stay strong and connected through our loss. Take care. Thank you for reading my posts. God bless.


  35. Shared your journey Meghna…..Experienced your ache for what never will be..
    The final chapter had me sobbing….. But there was sacredness in those tears.. And I remembered a saying I read long ago..” you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have “Akshay lived up to it in every way…. And you showed strength by sharing it all with us….And by learning to live with the void ,the emptiness u shall forever have….Hugs to you Meghna… Your family shall be in my prayers.


    • Thank you for saying all the right things to a sorrowing parent Poonam. Grateful we are in your prayers. Lots of love and hugs to you too. God bless your family.


  36. I cant imagine the pain but felt a very minute lil part of it while i was reading this. I cannot thank you enough for giving india a soldier like Akshay. we are in debt of your family. Sorry we may never be able to repay you.


    • Thank you for your kind words Nivedita…As long as everyone does whatever they can to strengthen our country, our soldiers sacrifice will not have been in vain. God bless you. Take care


  37. I saw the post appearing on my tl time and again. Somehow could never gather the courage to read it. It was too difficult to digest. Knew him for a very brief period of time, In pre staff and then in staff college exam he sat right behind me.
    A brilliant guy, always so methodical, one of the very few who carried leather breifcase. Its hard to forget Akshay, if you ever met him. He was a bright spark. I am sorry for your loss maam. You already know that but let me tell you again your son was an amazing human, a briliant officer, a rare breed. He lives somewhere in all of us.


    • Am so happy you reached out to tell us about you association with Akshay. Yes, he was all you have said and as his brother officers, sure you will keep our motherland’s flag flying high. Love and God bless you and your families.


  38. Every day I pass by the Jain college in Rajarajeshwari nagar and have been Always curious and respectful to see Akshay’s banner ! Being from the same college connects me more and having spent time in NCC with the armed forces and now competing along side armed forces in rifle shooting sport connects me even more and feel the pain of loss.
    It is indeed heartening that Few rotary organisations have honoured and I hope I can contribute in anyway I would be available and this is the least I can do for the freedom I enjoy.

    Best Regards,
    Rakesh Manpat
    National champion in rifle shooting.
    I wish I shot those terrorists and sympathisers!
    In fact last month a candidate was rejected in my brother’s office because he was a Kashmiri sympathiser of this kind !


    • Dear Rakesh, Thank you for your words in support of Akshay and our country. Could you send me a picture of the banner you have mentioned please? Do drop in to meet us sometime- we are in the same city and you are from Akshay’s college as well(though he was there just a few months before going to NDA). Happy to see you are also a National champion- congratulations and God bless you. Wish you more laurels.


  39. It was tough for me to read the complete post. It was heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and your family to deal with this loss. More power to you! Salute to Maj Akshay and other brave souls who are fighting for our safety every day.


  40. Pranam Aunty. I am sad that this blog is coming to an end. Please continue writing. It would give an immense motivation to all of us. We are all connected now as a big extended family. Thank you aunty for letting us be a part of this blog.

    The recent trips to Nagrota (Maj. Akshaya’s Karma bhoomi) and Agartala would surely have added so many precious memories. While reading about the fateful morning of 29th November brought goosebumps. The soldiers fought fiercely and gave up their lives to save so many innocent people. Truly they created a heroic story which would be remembered. Salute to brave warriors Major Akshay, Major Kunal and Naik Chittaranjan . The quote “Ajeet Hain, Abhee Hain (“Indomitable, we are. Fearless, we are) suddenly becomes so meaningful. No one deserves the title of a ‘hero’ more than a soldier.

    When I lost my dad at the age of 13, one of the priests in temple told me that death is merely the end of the material body which is the temporary abode of the eternal soul, which can never die. Getting the precious spectacles of Maj Akshay proves the same. I have seen miracles many times in the last 20 years. He is always with you and his family. Truly Major Akshay has kept the meaning of his name (Eternal, immortal, indestructible).

    Good wishes and prayers for you, Girish Sir, Sangeeta and Neha mam and cute angel Naina. Take care Aunty. Please let know when you write again. I would like to be in touch with you.

    I want to end with the quote by Capt R Subramanium Kirti Chakra (Posth),

    “You have never lived until
    You have almost died,
    And for those who choose to fight,
    Life has a special flavor,
    The protected will never know!!!”

    Jai Hind!! Baishaki


    • Dear Baishaki, You have reached out to us with so much compassion for our family …as a child who lost her father, you know what loss really means. Hope we also experience the miracles you have seen….love the quotes quote “Ajeet Hain, Abhee Hain” for Akshay and our soldiers- thank you. And Capt Subramanium Kirti Chakra’s quote- Salute. Jai Hind. Love and God bless you and your family.


  41. Meghna…a big hug to all of you…how I wish you didn’t have to go through this pain.Salute your courage and strength!!Just reading this I could feel my insides contort…I couldn’t read more than two sentences without wiping away the tears.Can feel your pain deep inside. I so wish this didn’t happen.
    I live in Mysore and if I had any inkling of your visit I would have met you…hugged you.Saw your picture in the local paper and was disappointed that I couldn’t meet you all.
    I understand it is very difficult to cope with a tragedy of this magnitude…you have a larger support system in all your friends,would love to be of help to you should you need it.
    Loads of love to Sangeeta,Naina and to you and the family.Take care.We need more strong women like you. A big hug to you.


    • Thank you for your compassion and support Subha. May be we wll meet soon- life has its ways of connecting people. Akshay was very special even as a child and in his young life, he reached for the skies. Our loss is someone else’s blessing and we are happy so many lives were saved that day. Love and God bless you and your family


  42. Namastey Meghna Ma’am,
    Goose bumbs all over….no words
    He sacrificed everything to keep us safe and free… He will never be forgotten.. Salute to Brave Maj. Akshay…and proud Mother.
    Stay Strong Ma’am and take care of yourself and family…

    I and my family is with you, please let us know if we can be of any service.
    Your another son lives here @ Mumbai, please do visit us whenever you are here…

    Shall definitely meet you all at BLR.
    Jai Hind


    • Dear Amit, thank you for your concern, compassion and salute for Akshay. Sweet of you. Do visit us in bengaluru. God bless you and your family. Jai Hind


  43. Dear Auntie,

    Thank you for beautifully writing and conveying this story. This is important because the media does not convey these stories with such fineness and depth. It really stirs up emotions as it inspires as we read along. These are our true heroes and their story must be passed on to future generations to inspire them. It’s a coincidence that I’m reading this on Shivaratri – a night when cosmic energy is given to earth bountifully. I hope and pray that Lord Sadashiva will bless you with patience and good memory to remember that after all Maj Akshay has just left the body and maybe he is already reborn somewhere. So the POSSIBILITY of a new life and new beginning begets the POSSIBILITY of healing and peace. 🙂 May lord Sadashiva bless and infuse into Maj Akshay’s memory the power to transform our nation in general and our youth in particular by directing their creative energies and efforts into a truly meaningful life.


    • Your response is special to us Harsh. In fact, this month, we have offered special prayers to Shiva (for the first time actually) when Girish and I went to Isha Foundation in Coimbatore for Akshay- hoping his sul is at peace. We felt better. May be Lord Shiva chose him for saving lives. Thank you for praying for us. Glad you feel so strongly about Akshay’s story being inspirational. May God bless you and your family.


      • You’re most welcome Auntie. I’m glad you liked my response. What could be more meaningful than dedicating your life for Dharma – the cosmic interconnected, interdependent web of mutual sustainence that keeps the universe together. But even in Dharma a Kshatriya’s Dharma is considered very special. Your son has even attained Moksha as well as the other three goals of life as taught by Purushartha – Dharma, Artha, Kama. I made a mistake when I said he might be reborn. Of course, he has merged into eternal bliss now – from the loving and compassionte darkness that is our mother’s womb before we are born, to and the same loving and compassionate darkness, which is the womb of our eternal mother, Parashakti, into which we merge into after leaving our body. He is safe and blissful in her loving care. If Sankhya – the science of liberated thinking – is true, the world view it teaches must bring us peace, here and now.
        I too was in Bengaluru for Shivaratri Auntie. If you are ever in Hyd please let me know at 8374692004 or my email. It would be such a great honour to meet you. Jai Hind and Om Shanti auntie.


      • You are obviously a spiritual and enlightened mind Harsh. Thanks again for comforting thoughts and words on Dharma and Akshay. Will let you know if we make it to Hyderabad sometime. God bless. Jai Hind


  44. Dear Aunty,

    Having known Akshay during my 11th &12 std days through Neha (I was her classmate at Kumarans), his martyrdom has moved me deeply. As a teenager, I sometimes used to fancy myself as a soldier or a fighter pilot, specially after watching movies with such roles. Then I would see Akshay already on that path – and so clear and focused about it. I often came away feeling a bit awed, and wishing I had the same clarity and commitment. A few years later I met him at a small reunion of Kumaranites, while he had come home on leave from his assignment in a north-eastern conflict zone. I asked him if he ever felt scared facing militants. With a cool smile and a finality to it, he said “they (the militants) should be scared”. That line and his expression have stayed with me and I’ve played it in my mind many times over the years, especially whenever I hear news about our soldiers fighting. I always felt privileged that I knew Akshay because he was the real deal.
    Akshay’s convictions, actions and his smile came from the deepest part of his being, his soul. That’s why I can only picture his soul still smiling, having lived a life true to his heart and with no fear, till the very end. That is a quality we can all look to emulate. Aunty, thank you for sharing Akshay’s story your way – I think we all needed it, including those who’ve never met him, because we have all felt an inexplicable connection. It is as if Akshay was already a part of us, and we only fully realized it after he left our mortal world. In the same way we feel connected to you and the family, and your blog has brought a semblance of closure and peace for us as we share in your grief.

    Love to you all. Take care and please let me know if I could be of any help at all.



    • Dear Sudeep, I know you as Neha’s classmate and Akshay had told me you both had reconnected. So glad you have reached out to us with your reminiscence and thoughts on Akshay. Yes, the way he has connected us all is inexplicable and Im touched you also think so. Your mother had written to me earlier- touched. Do visit us when you are in Bengaluru next. Lots of love to you, your wife and sister. God bless you all.


  45. Hello Meghna Mam, firstly our heartfelt condolences to Major Akshay’ s family members….Unimaginable as to what must hve gone through on them post this horrific and cowardly attack. It was a nerve chilling feel while reading your post visuslising the incident. Its coz of our Indian Army and brave soldiers that we are living freely & peacefully at the cost of their lives. I have no words to appreciate the courage and calmness that Major and his other collegues had during this crisis. So selfless and sacrificing….They instill such fearless attitude in our minds. They are always a source of inspiration to all of us and always will be a ray of hope wherever they go. I pray to god to bestow peace, strength and prosperity to his family especially to his kids. Major & people like him always remain like a bright star in our lives. I really hope one day I get to meet such bravehearts family. I thank you for penning your thoughts on Major as we could get to know him.


    • Thank you for reaching out with your thoughts on Akshay and his ilk Sujatha. Yes, our soldiers are our real heroes. Would love to meet you if you are in Bengaluru. Love and take care. God bless your family.


      • Thank you once again Mam….I stay in pune. Whenever I come to blore , wl try to meet you. It will be a pleasure meeting you. I keep coming to blore as my parents & siblings are settled there. Hope to meet you sometime. Take care Mam.


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