Major Akshay Girish: Son, Hero, Martyr

The past week has been an introspective one- coming to terms with ‘we will never see Akshay again in this lifetime’ is not easy, despite trying to use logic, wisdom and spirituality. Naina, our little one, is becoming much more vocal in her demands for ‘I want my papa….mere papa.’ Not wanting to tell her any lies, Sangu has tried explaining to her that ‘papa has gone very far away and cannot come back.’ When I gently repeated the same ‘far away’ line yesterday, she said ‘I will also go far away and get papa back’. Stumped by a three year old, I am reminded of Akshay’s line when he was the same age and saying- ‘Mujhe Chanda mama ke paas jaana hai…..’ Maybe we should tell Naina ‘papa Chanda mama ke pass chale gaye’.

Among the many messages that people have written to me, one home truth says; ‘Thoughts will always bring back the joy and the pain you have experienced. That is the ‘Maya of Life’, and we all have to undertake that journey.’

We are on that journey and one morning, all of us (Sangeeta, Girish, Neha, Pradish and me) came down for tea, wearing Akshay’s clothes- mostly T-shits and night-suits! Without any discussion or plan, all of us seemed to be finding comfort it holding on to his old, personal belongings. Akshay’s brothers Dhruv, Ankit, Vaibhav and Satwik have all asked for Akshay’s favorites- clothing, ties, pens, even a combat jacket as keepsakes.  Aditya came and picked up what he wanted and more friends and loved ones will do the same soon. Akshay would have been so happy to know how everyone wants a bit of him close to their being.

To all you wonderful people who have comforted us, motivated us, prayed for us, offered help, sent thoughtful messages of hope, and appreciated our way of trying to cope with Akshay’s loss, thank you is all we can say. So many of you who we have never known or have not been in touch with for ages, have reached out and spoken about a ‘strong connection’. I feel it too and life continues to surprise us. As of now, I am telling myself not to ponder over life’s mysterious ways. It is time to get back to continuing Akshay’s Story, My Way.


The year 2016 began with a terrorist attack- the Pathankot Airbase was under siege on 2nd January and Akshay was the first one to tell us about what was happening. Seven soldiers including Lt. Col Niranjan were martyred, even as many precious lives and national assets were saved by their bravery.

Akshay summed up the difference between the terrorists and our soldiers in just one line. ‘Their motivation is to kill and destroy at any cost. Ours is to protect and defend, no matter what the cost.’ 

Akshay wanted to take Sangeeta out on a short break and after discussing options over the phone, I booked them at a nice hotel in Agra so they could see the famed Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, Naina fell ill and since Agra would be much colder than Kolkata, they decided to cancel that holiday. When Akshay called to tell me to cancel the hotel booking, I said since he had a few days of leave, they could come home to us instead.  He readily agreed and that is how we got to spend time together. Today we know how precious those 4 precious days with Akshay were.

After that very short trip home, Akshay started studying in earnest for the DSSC (Defence Services Staff College) entrance examination slated in September. Considered a very difficult exam for Army Officers to enter this elite institution, he knew making it in, particularly in his first attempt would be difficult, but wanted to give it his best. This meant forgoing all his home visits and vacation plans for the year and using that leave plus any time available for serious studies.  His CO Col Prakash sent him to attend preparatory classes in Shillong and when he reached Guwahati transit camp, he sent a message saying ‘happy to get a nice room to myself. Last time I was here as a young officer, three of us shared a room.’ While returning to Kolkata from the 6 week pre-staff course, transit camp rooms were not available and he got to stay in Taj Guwahati for a day. With childlike glee (still intact!), Akshay sent a picture of the beautiful room on our family whatsapp with lots of ‘smilies’ and text, ‘ just one day a month like this and I can keep on studying…. and do any amount of hard work to achieve anything on earth’.  On the train, he praised the ‘chai and chaat’ and the ‘cleanliness of the compartment’.  He also sent us a joke related to his studies which made me smile once again today, ‘ I told a girl she was beautiful.’ She replied ‘Tell me something I don’t already know. So I talked to her about Basic Considerations for Attack!’ Another joke he sent us was on the OROP issue. It went something like: ‘Son came first in class and Officer father gifted him a pen. The child was disappointed and said ‘just one pen daddy?” To which the father said ‘One Rank, One Pen son.’

Akshay’s communication brought home the simplicity of a true soldier, happy with small, occasional pleasures, willing to go on facing hardships, and rarely cribbing.

As I am writing, I realise this was the year (2016) that our family whatsapp was most active. Akshay who always stayed in constant communication with loved ones was happy to see ‘the family chatter’ and sent us many forwards he felt strongly about, asking us to ‘read’. I pick up my phone to scroll back and see that on April 1st, his message said ‘The fibre, I think of many Armed Forces in the world is the same. RIP Lieutenant Prokhorenko’. The forwarded text was on how a young Russian Special Forces officer, knowing he was spotted and surrounded by ISIS, called for an airstrike on his own position so that he is not taken prisoner. ‘I am compromised and cannot be evacuated’ he said. ‘Please strike so that the ISIS members are killed along with me’. The transcript of his conversation with his colleagues reads; ‘They are outside and this is the end Commander.  I do not want them to parade me and make mockery of my uniform. Please hit at my position so I can die with dignity and get these terrorists. Thank you. Tell my family and my country I love them, that I was brave and that I fought until I could no longer.’ Reading this message today, I suddenly feel as if Akshay, now no longer among us, is somehow is sending us a message.

The pattern on our family whatsapp seemed set for the rest of the year with many such messages from Akshay . On 13th April, Akshay’s tribute was to Major Amit Deswal, killed in action fighting NSCN terrorists in Manipur’s Tamenglong, ‘at eight years of service, he went in the true traditions of a Warrior, a Commando, fighting till the end’. Other messages over the next few months were on terror attacks across the world (‘another terror attack in Nice after Paris and Brussels – what is the world coming to….) and on the ‘never say die’ spirit of a soldier, Col Prabir Sengupta who braved bullets and bombs fighting LTTE ( in Sri Lanka, 1987). It’s a long narration on how, despite near death and permanent disability after being in a coma, coming out of it and surviving many difficult surgeries, the soldier concludes, ‘I am still on medication and they say I still have 5 to 7 splinters embedded in my brain- well that must account for my ‘freak streak’! But seriously, I have no rancor or regrets and given a chance, I would join the Indian Army again.’

On their 5th wedding anniversary, Akshay, the loving husband once again made sure he put aside his books to treat Sangeeta and Naina to an enjoyable outing – spending a day at the Taj Hotel in Kolkata –swimming and playing with Naina followed by a lovey-dovey candlelight dinner with Sangeeta. Back from their outing, the party continued at home with friends from the unit. Those lovely pictures of good times are among ‘treasures’ today. Many other treasures of happy times spent with Akshay are saved in our ‘Memory Bank’.

Akshay made the briefest of dashes home in May 2016 and his trip this time was for a dear friend. Young Sujeev Kharwadkar was all set to get married to Diya in December and we, family friends of his parents(Deshpande’s, Girish’s, Srivastavas), decided to have a special get-together (Gadag Neer) in Bangalore to get the celebratory mood rolling in advance. Such was Akshay’s fondness for Sujeev that he flew in on a Saturday and flew out on Sunday(May 21/22) and we all made the most of the few hours we got to see Akshay. While the youngsters chatted late into the night, I got Akshay to myself for an hour or so over breakfast. He asked about everyone in the extended family, about who was getting married, the health of the elders and so on.


Worried about the deteriorating situation in Kashmir, I asked him what he felt about the stone pelting mobs and the demand for scrapping AFSPA. In his usual way, Akshay started by setting the context. ‘Ma, the Army is not for internal security. It is meant to defend our borders. Maintaining law and order is the job of the home ministry and police. Anywhere that the Army is called in to support the civil administration means, the situation is so bad, that it can be a threat to the nation. Kashmir is such a complicated scenario and the separatists keep finding different ways to keep it on the boil. Now they are paying young men and even women and children to throw stones at our soldiers and at the slightest retaliation, a huge mob descends with petrol and acid bottle bombs and often, armed men will try to hide amongst them and fire. If 2 to 5 soldiers defending a post are threatened by a mob of a thousand, will the soldier who is trained to fight, not fire in self defence? And to carry out such a tough role thrust on them by the government, soldiers need protection too. Aren’t we citizens with human rights? If you need us to maintain a difficult peace, AFSPA is our right. Or else, send us back to our borders or our barracks and deal with the situation without us. For all the noise over ‘human rights violations by the Army’, do you know that 98% of the cases filed turn out to be false after investigations? The cases are mostly filed because of separatist links with certain organisations and are supported by elements in Pakistan,  to show India in bad light. Accusing a soldier falsely means lowering his morale to fight and defend. We are a moral army. Rarely, there may be some collateral damage. Even at home, if you un-intentionally kill an intruder with a knife because you or your family seemed under threat, should you be tried for murder?! And should all knives be banned?!

It was a serious discussion and Akshay’s clarity of thought amazed me. Later in the afternoon, I got the special ‘Akshay hug’ after which Pradish dropped him to the airport.

Thank you Sujeev, for being the reason Akshay made that trip to Bengaluru. It was the last time that we, his parents, grandparents, Neha and Pradish saw Akshay in his usual chatting, smiling avatar. It was the last time we got to hug him.


Nothing seemed to work very well for the Girish family right through 2016 and most plans, made with great enthusiasm, somehow did not materialize. Girish and I wanted to do the Kailash-Mansarover trek but the roads through Nepal (damaged in the previous year’s terribly tragic earthquake) were still under repair. Next, we could not join our friends on a much planned East Europe vacation in August because my bad back (old injuries and herniated discs) decided to tie me down to the bed for many weeks. And I missed Akshay very much because, unlike all previous years, he hardly got to spend any time with us. In fact, he could not even make it for Girish’s big birthday- his 60th. The only silver lining was that Sangeeta and Naina made many trips to Bangalore and were with us on my birthday, Akshay’s grandfather’s birthday and also on Girish’s birthday.

Akshay’s exams in the first week of September were a mixed bag. Although he spared no effort, by his own assessment, two of the six papers did not go too well. ‘Let us see- I need luck if I have to make it this time’ was his response. Immediately after his exams, Akshay, Sangeeta, Naina and Bingo made a five-day car trip driving to his Unit’s new location at Nagrota. He decided to drive because he had read news reports that two pet dogs died on a flight because something went wrong with oxygen levels in the cargo hold. His love for Bingo, ‘hamara beta’ made him fear that Bingo could in danger on a flight. Akshay reasoned that the long drive could also be like a short vacation break- the one they never got to take that year. Making the most of the family journey, they halted at Varanasi, Kanpur, Delhi and Amritsar. Driving through Agra, they stopped to see the Taj Mahal (from a distance), stayed with family friends Pooja and Karan in Delhi and on my suggestion, visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar with Heena and Tanmay. Akshay loved the Golden Temple and the food in Amritsar and I was happy our kids went and ‘Matha Teka’. They sent us some lovely pictures.

The dawn of 18th September was a sad one for India. In Uri, four heavily armed terrorists shot and killed 17 unarmed soldiers in their sleep – many were burnt when their tents caught fire. It was a cowardly attack but one that was the deadliest in Kashmir in two decades. In Amritsar, Akshay was glued to the TV. He felt pain at the loss of young lives (from two units) and was upset at the political blame-games and lukewarm concern of the average citizen when our soldiers are killed.

The same evening, Akshay, Sangeeta, Naina and Bingo ended their drive vacation and a guest room in Nagrota Mess became their new ‘home’.

The coming week is going to be a very important one for us. We, as a family, have chosen to make a trip to Nagrota- maybe it will be a sort of pilgrimage- to see Akshay’s ‘Karma Bhumi’. We hope to also meet people he spent his final days and moments with.

For Sangeeta and Naina, it will also be a time to reunite with friends and Akshay’s colleagues.  On our return (God willing), I will probably write the last part of this blog.

For a while now, a poem we learnt while in school and long since forgotten, has comeback to haunt me. The words keep swimming inside my head. Penned by Makhanlal Chaturvedi, it is called Pushp Ki Abhilasha and you may know it too.

Chah Nahin Mai SurBala Ke

Gehnon Mein Guntha Jaaon,

Chah Nahin, Premi Mala Mein

Bindh Pyari Ko Lalchaon

Chah Nahin, Samraton Ke Shav

 Par He Hari, Dala Jaaon

Chah Nahin, Devon Ke Sar Par

Chadhon, Bhagya Par Itraoon

Mujhey Tod Lena Banmali

Us Path Par Tum Dena Phaink

Matra Bhoomi Per Sheesh Chadhaney

Jis Path Jaayen Veer Anek.

50 thoughts on “Major Akshay Girish: Son, Hero, Martyr

  1. Sangeeta’s reply to Naina- ” Papa has gone very very far away and cant come back” brought tears back once again and breaks my heart.
    Its like we know the reality but still cant accept it and even though I am not related to you all I find it to hard to accept .. I cant even imagine the turmoil you and entire family is going through. It is so hard to accept and you all are so brave. I really admire you very much.
    I can totally relate to the Naina’s questions and tantrums and her wanting and missing daddy… probably even more so because I have a 3 year old of mine .
    All that you have written will be a treasure for Naina when she grows up. It must be immensely painful for you to write and pin down all your thoughts and I realize that.
    I am very very saddened by the fact that you probably will be writing your last part of the blog … I am not ready for this to end yet. I dont know what to say more… pls be in touch?? .:(
    Please take care and wish you all the strength as you go to Nagrota . Lots of love to Sangeeta and Naina.
    Take care,


    • It is immensely painful Mitalee…and also kind of cathartic. After I have written, I sleep better. Thank you for reaching out with your comforting words – do hope Naina will know her wonderful father through these posts and from others who knew him. Love to you and God bless your little one.


    • Mam reading the blog always gives me goosebumps as to how the family must have gone through and still going through on the loss of their hero. Take care n do continue writing. Though we don’t know each other but I never missed reading this blog.


  2. To know that akshay n sangeeta were in amritsar makes me even sadder that I did not know you all then … my hubby works with the defence channel of an insurance company n we visit the cantt daily … how I wish I could have met my brave hero who i feel is like my young nephew … but such are gods ways … small fond memories which may have been fleeting times must be so precious now … as always my heartfelt love n warmth to you all …


  3. Same here Aunty .. throughout the blog , I kept thinking after this you might just write one or two more .. would it be a end of the stories and I somehow wait for your blogs…
    My husband is Maj Akshay s coursemate right from NDA and he had gone silent for a week after the news.. such was the impact and relationship Maj Akshay shared with all..
    And now I feel after reading all your blogs that I also know him and your entire family closely..
    The toughest turmoil must b going inside Naina s mind as she has no idea where her papa has gone all of a sudden .. my husband was in field when my daughter started her schooling and each day she used to cry saying all my friends papa come and drop them..
    my all love to the young soul and Sangeeta to get the strength to deal with this pain and to start with the life normally .. and I’m sure seeing them you and uncle would be happy but obviously your loss is immense and can never be filled with anything..
    Lots of love to you


    • Your thoughtful words are comforting Diksha. Do visit us sometime when you come to Bangalore. Akshay cared a lot for his coursemates. Love and hugs to you. God bless your little one.


  4. Often by the time I have read your piece entirely, I find myself in an emotional turmoil with goose flesh unable to comment ..just letting your words wash over me, and wanting wishing Akshay were still around..sent on a hush hush mission…and then Naina could have her papa back and all of you a much loved son. We all would have our icon, our soldier, our hero back to inspire us with his example. We need such men around . Major Akshay Girish you were truly the best of mankind. You have many lessons to teach, much to be done…please come back.
    Meghna and the Girishs I wish you a fortitude and strength as u go on this pilgrimage and lots of love


  5. Dear Meghna, though I knew you since so many years through Sarit and Sucheta, your blog has got me to know your family, the bond that you all shared specially Mother and son bond. Akshay is truly blessed to be a part of your family. It’s going be hard as you visit Nagrota…I was in srinagar with Anil during DSSC Forward Area tour and anil showed me in Jammu ….that this road leads to Nagrota …believe me I was thinking of all the soldiers posted in J&K..when I saw the ground situation there. I saw stone pelting, erriee calm on the streets that kabhi bhi kuch bhi ho sakta hai…it was scary and I silently prayed for all of them….Meghna waise toh each martyr is a near and dear of some one but Akshay’s Martyrdom has left deep down feeling of काश यह न होता और हम कुछ बदल सकते। hugs to you…take care.


    • So sweet of you Rekha- Akshay came as a blessing to us and we as parents are still realizing how wonderful he was. Thank you for your concern. Nagrota, here we come. Love and take care.


  6. Dear Meghna….been reading all your blogs…&with each one my admiration for your family &you increase…we are safe because we have people like Akshay who give up their lives for words to words can do it….just that I remember you all daily in my prayers…GOD be with you all…….regards…Asha..


  7. Dear Meghna aunty,
    We have probably not met. I was Neha’s and Akshay’s junior in Kumarans. I am also Ankit’s batchmate. Your blog has made us get to know you all very well. I look forward to reading your blog. We are all living safely without fear because of the supreme sacrifices made by Akshay and our Army. No words can express the gratitude we feel towards our martyrs and their families.
    You are all in our prayers everyday.
    You are all in our prayers always. Let God’s will be done!
    With warm regards
    Archana Srinath


    • Thank you for reaching our Archana- so sweet of you. Yes, Akshay, Neha, Dhruv, Ankit and satwik studied in Kumarans in different classes. You are right. Many do not realise the hardships they undertake and the sacrifices our soldiers make for us. Gods will will be done- cant change that so must accept with humility. Love to you. Take care and God bless.


  8. Meghna, each of ur posts hv brought tears n more so this one coz of Naina. Wld love to meet u and hug you tight.
    Wish u wld bring out a book with lots pics of Akshay n all his loved ones. U were truly blessed to have him.
    Blessings to Sangeeta n baby n hugs n prayers ur way dear. Tc


  9. We are with you dear Meghna aunty in this tough journey of yours…He truly was a man of honor.. My heart fills with pride that our Indian army has been blessed with soldiers like ‘Our Akshay ‘ as I fondly like to call him…It is the truth of Kashmir which He was so clearly aware of …Its so sad that even today the Indian army is put under scrutiny even after n number of sacrifices made…
    He was a pious soul aunty…His story brings peace to my heart..How amazing He was at such a young age..He truly was a grace from almighty Father, a blessing for us all..
    Keep writing aunty just love reading your posts.
    May you find solace ..May your soul find its peace as you all take this difficult journey to His Karmabhumi…
    Its wisely said “the truth shall set you free”
    May God be with you always… lots of love and warm regards.
    Yours truly,


    • So well expressed Shivangi- as always. Hope we make Akshay proud by our conduct. He of course is our brave, loving, shining and guiding star. Love and God bless.


  10. Always fall short of words trying to respond to your posts ! I skipped a beat reading ‘Nagrota’ knowing we are reaching the end none of us are prepared for . Wish the best for you and your family 🙂 May all the positivity and strength, from everyone reach you and heal your family ! Your family will always be in our prayers even when we are not connected through your blogs, even though I wish we could have done more !!



    • Back from Nagrota early this morning Ankita. Did not have access while there. Thank you. Akshay’s strength is making us stronger. Love and take care


  11. Hello Meghna Ma’am,
    Thank you for writing and let all of us know about Brave Officer…
    Definitely it was tough times for all of you…May God bless entire Girish family a great strength…
    In fact every inch of this soil and every individual are safe till we have Soilders like Maj Akshay and all other Martyr’s.
    He is still with all of you, and let Lil girl know that her “Papa is always with her can’t be seen… But she can feel him all around herself….
    …Since I m not sure how much more blogs you may post after 2016 story…but wanted you to keep writing & be in touch; will follow you on Facebook also …
    Kind Regards,
    Jai Hind


    • Thank you Amit- just back from Nagrota and looks like have to write more than one post on Akshay’s story. Naina is being told her papa is in her heart even though far away. She seems to be dealing with it innocently and bravely. God bless you and your family. Take care.


  12. Just want to put our thoughts this way.
    Khudha Gavah movie song . Tu na Za mere Badshaa ek wade ke liye …
    There is a very touching line in that song .
    Aa mere mahbub aa Jane Se pahle jara . Me tuze Jee bhar ke dekh lu.

    Reply : Teri tasveer me Chahu jab . Ankhey zara band kar ke dekh lu.

    Akshay is here ma’am he lives
    here every second . They don’t go any where . They live and they live forever.
    Lokesh Neha Lakshya


  13. Heartbreaking and a very helpless and frustrating feeling. Wish something could have been done. I guess at least we should keep spreading his charm, smile, and any message he wanted to convey to the world. Miss him and think about him everyday a lot.


  14. Really sorry to hear about Akshay ma’am.
    I was with him for Pre staff course at Umroi. I remember having such intersting and meaningful conversations with him over dinner and during our bus journeys to class. He left an everlasting impression on me. He was an intelligent, caring and warm human being which not only me but the entire course thought of him. My sincerest condolences to the family!!


    • Thank you so much for writing about your impressions of Akshay Varun. Each such message means a lot to us now. God bless you. Take care and keep in touch.


  15. Dear Aunty,I read “Pusp ki abhilasha”when i was in class 7th never thought will read it again after so many years in a blog about a brave soldier.Naina’s words and Sangeeta’s reply leave us deeply shaken from inside.Lots of hugs & love to Naina & Sangeeta.As we reach the last part of the blog feels as if we’ll miss something very close to our lives.Maj.Akshay will continue to be our guardian angel,his shaurya gatha will be read by many mummies to their children.Ur writings gave our lives a new meaning,taught us to be better than ourselves & accept grief with dignity & honour.Aunty jana to hum sabko hai ek din but Maj.Akshay jo kar gaye woh amar rahenge hamesha.Aap saab hamare duao mein hamesha rahenge.tkcr.


  16. It was such a beautiful narration tears kept rolling down my eyes but heart swelled with pride,proud to be an army wife ,god bless us all ,my wishes and prayers for you all.


    • Thank you and you have reason to be proud Priya. Do keep the flag flying high no matter what hardships the soldiers and you families face. Sangeeta is a real role model. Love and take care.


  17. Aunty Pranam
    I can understand the pain through which you are going as I myself belongs to an army family.
    And my dad was posted to Khunmuh-Srinagar during operation vijay.
    I don’t know u nor Akshay nor Sangeeta but by this blog, I can say-yes I have a connection with u all.
    I love the way you write and have read each and every part not less than twice and every time I read , I get tears in my eyes;especially wen I see the pic of Naina n Sangeeta
    Aunty plz write more, don’t stop writing plz, I request you.
    In the end all I wish to say is M proud of u Maj Akshay Girish, luv u aunty for writing all this. When my kids will grow up I will show them this and tell them how real hero life is and the real value of life and death…
    Heros are born like Maj Akshay Girish
    I stay in delhi- whenever u come her plz tell me would luv to meet u Sangeeta and Naina once
    Eagerly waiting
    Gudnyt aunty


    • Thank you Shweta for reaching out with pride in Akshay and your love and concern for Naina, Sangeeta, Neha and us. Salute to your father for his service to our nation. Love and God bless. Do visit us if you come to Bangalore.


  18. Love you, Aunty. More power to your family & you.

    Don’t let the blog die, keep writing. Perhaps limited posts,maybe? It’s through this blog that so many people have come to know about Maj. Akshay, your family & you – don’t give it up.

    Love & hugs,


    • The blog will stay alive Khush- like Akshay’s legacy. This story will have to come to an end in another two posts but I plan to stay in touch with all of you by writing on issues close to my heart and for our common good- our country and our people. Hope you will come along on this journey too. Love and take care. God bless


  19. Dear Aunty
    As you take this trip to Nagrota, controlling your emotions will be unimaginable. So do not control them..let them flow. Take special care of my friend Sangeeta as she will be inconsolable during this time.
    Maybe this trip will be like a landmark at this time and will give a proper closure to your thoughts.
    From here on be the way Akshay would have liked his family to be.. happy and positive.
    Take care and lots of love


    • I cried many times Ruchi- and gained more strength from Akshay’s bravery. Just back early this morning so need time to gather thoughts before posting more. Love and take care. God bless


  20. Dear Meghana,
    So many thoughts, so many emotions I go through after reading your posts. Although I have not met Akshay , I feel I know him so well. His love for life, his dare devil nature, his ever smiling face, his love for the army and the country, his caring nature…amazing!! the list goes on…… My son Sudeep knew him, has hung out with him, played basket ball many times with him. Sudeep and your daughter Neha were classmates in Kumarans. He fondly recollects those days spent with Akshay and how full of life he was. He remembers specially one conversation, when Akshay joined the army and was posted in Assam(not sure?) , he asked him if he was not scared of ultras/extremists attacking ? Akshay with a smile told him that they should be scared of him!! So assuring to hear such words from our brave soldiers because of whom we live safely in our homes. I wish Akshay’s story never ends……
    Lots of love and hugs to all of you,


    • I could picture Akshay’s response to Sudeep’s question Veena- thank you so much for reaching out and sharing thoughts. It is these moments that are precious to us- how Akshay’s friends, colleagues, etc perceived him is something we wont know otherwise. He left Kumarans to join BMS with a clear focus of adorning the uniform. Was also very intuitive even as a child. Sometimes wonder f he kind of knew what may have been in store? No answers really to questions that come up in a mothers mind. Love and hugs to you too. God bless Sudeep and you have a daughter too?


  21. On this Shivratri
    Putting my thoughts in this way.
    O Lord shiva plz hamare Veeron Ki Tyag. Balidan sveekar Karo or unki pavitar Atma Ko shanti do.
    देह शिवा बर मोहे ईहे, शुभ कर्मन ते कभुं न टरूं न डरौं अरि सौं जब जाय लड़ौं, निश्चय कर अपनी जीत करौं, अरु सिख हों आपने ही मन कौ इह लालच हउ गुन तउ उचरों, जब आव की अउध निदान बनै अति ही रन मै तब जूझ मरों ॥२३१॥

    Translation: my deh (physical body that one possesses) is equivalent to boons granted in mythological tales. Therefore I should not hesitate when committing myself to good deeds.

    The physical body (deh) is analogous to mythological superpowers such as those possessed by Siva in folk tales, therefore I should not fear when committing myself to good deeds.

    That I shall not fear when I go into combat. And with determination I will be victorious. That I may teach myself this creed alone, to speak only of Thy (allmighty lord Waheguru) praises. And when the last days of my life come, I may die in the might of the lord.

    Deh Shiva bar Mohe is a 17th-century hymn (shabad) written by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, in the Dasam Granth.

    The language used is Braj Bhasha.
    I felt mentioning this as I was reading all the blog and Maj Akshya took blessing at Shri Harmanidr sahib ji Amritsar on his last trip to Nagrota . May be Lord wished that to bless him.
    Eyes full of tears . Charan sparsh


    • Your response is really special Lokesh- I have shared it by email with Girish, Sangeeta, Neha and Pradish. Akshay must have been blessed as you say. Otherwise, how could he have helped saved so many lives? Thank you for Guru Gobind Singh’s Shabad. Yes, his trip to Harmandir Sahib was completely unplanned- bulawa aaya hoga. In fact, I told him on phone that since they were driving via Amritsar, they should matha teko at Golden Temple. Rest you know. May God bless you and your lovely family. Take care.


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