Tributes to the braveheart – Akshay

As I take my time to continue writing Akshay’s story, must let you all know that the empathy and support we have received have overwhelmed our family. Rich tributes have poured in for our braveheart Akshay. With gratitude, I take the liberty of sharing some special tributes, which so far, haven’t been posted on facebook.


A Fauji father and Akshay’s friend, Tarun Garg, while leaving for Leh was saying bye to his little daughter. He became emotional thinking about Akshay, Nagrota, Naina and Sangeeta, and wrote me this poem:

I don’t know if I ‘ll be able to fulfill your dreams  my love

Like Akshay, I am married to the olive greens

Promises are broken for promises to keep

My love, I am married to the olive greens


It is difficult for me, like it is for you

This day, this soon, that I never knew

Don’t forget me dear since I ‘ll be long gone

And whatever I did was not for you to mourn

I was a brat since birth, could not settle for a queen

I married you my dear after I married the olive greens


God is kind for i have a princess too

If I breathe for your mom, then my heart beats for you

You always came running to me, as I used to fall on my knees

It’s a blessing to marry your mom

And a blessing to marry the olive greens

(Tarun Garg)


A blogger who calls himself SR considered it his honour to send me this poem as a tribute.


I salute your FATHER
due to his nobleness
my Father gets to lean on his sons shoulder

I salute your MOTHER
due to her strength
my Mother gets to embrace her son

I salute your GRANDPARENTS
due to their blessings
my Grandparents can coddle their grandsons

I salute your SISTER
due to her unimaginable loss
I get to banter with my brother

I salute your WIFE
due to her unselfish love
I get to caress my love

I salute your DAUGHTER
due to her immense sacrifice
my Children get to play with their Dad

Above all I salute YOU AKSHAY
due to your bravery & steadfast devotion to the nation
I get to wake up every morning
We must never forget that sacrifices of our soldiers and their families make it possible for us to enjoy our Present, and for our Children to live their Future

(SR – Curieousblog)

We are also grateful to Mr. Saleem Ahmed for this fitting video tribute to Akshay, our braveheart. The video was presented at the Communal Harmony Day Celebrations at Freedom Park in Bengaluru on 19th December. The Chief Minister of Karnataka presided over the function in honour of India’s martyrs.

Thank you once again for being part of our very difficult, yet proud journey with all of Akshay’s memories. Do continue to keep little Naina and the rest of us in your prayers.

17 thoughts on “Tributes to the braveheart – Akshay

  1. Akshay and his courage and priceless contribution to the nationwill be forever in our thoughts ….this comes from a family of Faujis.
    Jai Hind!


  2. My prayers for the entire family Dear Meghna. The country owes it to all of you especially to little Naina and her mother for the immeasurable sacrifice. All of you are in my thoughts and the least I can do is wish all of you sincere strength and prayers from my heart.


  3. He was so near and yet he was so far
    Today he is so far yet he is so near
    Akshay is no more a name
    He is a legend
    A motivation
    A generation of forerunner
    To be looked upon…
    Love you auntie and keeping all of you in my heart for as long as I shall live ..


  4. RIP Maj.Akshay.Salute to your supreme sacrifice.Aunty i pray to god sincerely everyday to give you the courage to move on.tkcare.


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