Akshay Girish – Soldier and Poet

Today, 10th December 2016,  Major Akshay Girish would have completed 9 years of service in the Army. Sangeeta, Girish and I have been lost in thought since this morning- maybe reminiscing about how thrilled he had been 9 years ago, Commissioned as ‘Lt Akshay Girish’ on 10th December 2007. Maybe somewhere up there, he is also thinking about that time- the impressive Passing-out Parade with the Prime Minister as Chief Guest, the proud and joyful young officers and their families and the partying after all the hard training and studying .

While I need some more time to take his story forward, we, as a family are trying to draw strength and inspiration from his life. And even though he is not with us in physical form, his presence is strongly and comfortingly felt all around the home.



Akshay was a ‘jack of all’ activities. In addition to study and sport, – he sketched and painted, sang and danced and even wrote poetry to express his feelings. I take this opportunity to share a poem he had written  to me as part of a letter, way back in 2004. He was then in his first term at the National Defence Academy. This is how he wrote poetry and placed it within the letter:

‘Hey mom, you know I wrote a poem. It goes like this:’

If you feel like crying

call me

I don’t promise I can make you laugh

But I can cry with you


If you feel alone

Think of me

I don’t promise I will be in front of you

But when you close your eyes, you will see me


If you find times are getting tough

Don’t quit, keep moving

Cause’ when you need a helping hand, I’m there

To support you all the way


But when you reach your destination

Don’t think you did it because I supported you

But because you believed in yourself

And this is what matters most.


And after the poem, in his lighthearted banter he wrote:

‘How’s the short poem? Nice to write to a girl na?!’


This poem brought tears today and made me wonder why it didnt touch me so deeply when I first received it?

Today we also learnt that his name has been immortalised with other martyrs in the ‘Hut of Remembrance’ of the National Defence Academy.

To all of you standing with us in empathy and solidarity, no words of gratitude are enough. Please do know that each one of of your responses, comments and thoughts are deeply appreciated and helping us cope with our loss.




84 thoughts on “Akshay Girish – Soldier and Poet

  1. Ma’am I have Capt girish for years as I was on the ATR . M sure Akshay was as charming and full of life. Feel so proud of him reading your posts and getting to know him thru your eyes. Keep the faith. ‘ sure he is watching you all and he will always be with us.


  2. If you feel alone
    Think of me
    I don’t promise I will be in front of you
    But when you close your eyes, you will see me…..Major Akshay is omnipresent, through your writing Ma’am is presence is being felt by those who know him and also for those who have never met him….my daughter is too small now but I will definitely read this memoir to her… Poignant, inspiring….. Thanks for writing this…and please continue to do so. It takes courage and none other than a courageous soldier’s Mother can do this…


  3. Lovely.He is our Hero.Such a sentimental boy,matured at a very young age.God must have shown mercy…difficult to control my tears…keep writing Meghana.We equally share your loss..


  4. Hats off to you aunty for penning you thoughts… and thanks for bringing akshay back to us… its like he himself narrating the same in his own style “a happy go lucky style” with a spark in his eyes…. loads of love to sangeeta for being so tough… may god give enough strength to the family to bear this irrepairable loss.
    Akshay n sangeeta- my favourite couple n will always be…. rather now an inspirational one.
    Love to our Akshays lil princess NAINA.


  5. Aunty he got his poetry skills from you…ur writing is make ur feel ur feelings…looking forward for more…love you and special love for junior akshay naina


  6. What a beautiful poem written by maj Akshay! I painted too, abstract to be specific when we were neighbours at Pune. He often invited us in his house to show his artwork which included a sketch of bingo around a house amongst many other paintings by him. I bought an easel too inspired by him and painted quite some images hitherto. Since we parted as neighbours to different locations respectively I never painted or drew much. Sangeeta and maj Akshay met us again in good times at sukna and the first thing he asked me was the whereabouts of the easel? I was amazed that he remembered my lazy nature to delay paintings till someone asked about it. Today, you speak about him and his paintings aunty… I still am inspired and will resume the left out task again. Take care dear Meghna aunty and much thanks for sharing this workpiece: he will always be remembered as a happy soul, a creative person who loved sports and cherished cooking dishes heartily


  7. He was truly a gem of a human being …God made him special and through him all of us leading our mundane life have transformed… Even I believe to the very core…with all of my truth that he lives in all of us..thank you for sharing this beautiful poem aunty and love you all.


  8. I think you are an inspiration to all the parents who lost their son in the line of duty while safeguarding the nation. This poem touches a more sentimental chord now, not only for you but for all of us.


  9. Your writings about your son touch me to the core of my heart, your pride and pain, both so palpable. Your memories must find their way to paper, for that’s how he shall always be alive. God be with you and rest of the family in these very tough times. Lots of love and regards.


  10. So beautiful and so very apt aunty! My deepest regards and condolences. Your blog is so heartwarming and such a wonderful insight into Akshay’s life.


  11. Mrs meghna girish,
    I would like to call u aunty rather than ma’m since ur my mom’s age.aunty ur son major akshay’s story is an inspiration for many civilians like us who go to bed peacefully every night.all i can say is humble thank u to u& ur family for taking care of so many unknown lives.plz continue writing it gives us strength to live fearlessly.

    Tkcr god bless u all.


  12. Meghna I’ve never seen or met Akshay, but he will remain in our hearts. His poem itself speaks volumes about the wonderful person that he was. We salute you both and the brave major. May god bless his wife and his little daughter🙏


  13. Thanks for sharing Chinni. What an inspirational poem!! Akshay will remain in our hearts as happy, loving and caring soul. I am privileged and proud to be part of the family.


  14. Dear Aunt,
    Akshay severed with me at zirakpur and then at Kanchrapara for more than two years and finally for about a month till I moved out of Nagrota. Words cannot describe what a gem of a person he was. His infectious smile, never say die attitude, always willing to take on additional responsibilities, his taste for everything not less than best……
    A great loss for olive green fraternity to say the least. I also salute you ma’am and Mrs Akshay for the staying strong in these moments of grief and pride.
    A night prior to my departure from Nagrota Akshay surprised me when he landed in my room with a scotch bottle alongwith other Offrs whom he marshaled. For sure he is going to be missed by many.
    Proud of Akshay.


    • Thank you Anurodh for sharing your thoughts. Akshay truly loved his friends and his work- very proud of the olive greens. God bless you all. Take care


  15. Meghna ma’am, Akshay’s ability for expression does not surprise me at all. If your writings are anything to go by, he has got it from you…the ability to think & empathize deeply, understanding the need to express those impressions, and the eloquence with which they are presented…definitely your stamp!

    You must be so proud of him today…9 years of service in the army & being immortalized in history at the NDA – a salute to him!

    Loads of love & hugs to you. Prayers & love for everyone at home.


  16. What an emotional poem and as you said that it did not touch you as deeply as they today, his words seemed to be preparing you for today. He lives amongst you all Meghna, as he has said. And continues to be your strength.


  17. Aunty, We’ve never met, but Neha and I are friends. Thank you for writing about Akshay and sharing him with us. It takes massive courage I understand, but then you are the mother of the bravest person I will ever know. Godspeed. Much love and hugs to you all.


  18. Such a touching poem! At this point of time, it has so much more deeper meaning. Feel the pain you all are going through.Take care!


  19. Dear Ma’am,
    I read your blog and read all the comments. I am a blogger and have been trying to find words to write to you and have been failing.. after almost half an hour I am typing this. I salute you and the creation of this read.
    The relationship of a mother and her son/daughter is unique in its own way and when parents provide freedom to express their child’s thoughts, they become a part of their every journey. The openness that he would have had to share this poem with you shows how beautiful your bond must be. Wonderful poem and the thought of share.

    May Major Akshay’s Soul rest in peace.

    Regards to you and your family.


    • Thank you Shruti. Yes, we have all shared great bonding and open communication. Akshay was always so open and wore his heart on his sleeve! Glad you share our feelings. Take care


  20. Dear aunty……..every time your write up comes…I just feel like saluting you, Girish uncle, Sangeeta and Neha…..like the nation is saluting akshay. Really hats off to the entire family and it shows where akshay drew his strength from…he is really blessed to have you all as you all were to have him…we miss him everyday….can’t believe the charming guy who was partying around with us few days back has left us so that he can be with all his favourites at the same time….he has really become larger than life and made us all so so proud….thank you aunty for bringing him closer to us….respect to you and uncle and a tight hug to Sangeeta n nainu…regards


    • Cant believe it either Anubha- knowing we will never see Akshay again is the most painful thought. But what we cant change, we must accept. Trying to do that. Will pass on your hugs to Sangeta and Nainu. Hugs to you too. Take care.


  21. Hello mam.
    I m honoured to have known him in Jain college for the time he had studied there. We have sung together patriotic songs for competition being in NCC.
    Still remember those performance
    I can still see his wonderful smile which is so fresh in mind.
    Tak care mam


  22. His poem of the yester years are gems of today…..just pour out ur memories to lighten ur self and inspire many of us out here..salute to the family…sharing helps definitely…Hari om


  23. It is a beautiful poem. As a tribute to him, I will visit the Hut of Remembrance this week so he knows that he is an inspiration to many of us. Do keep writing ma’am, I look forward to your posts.


  24. Namaste,

    I have been following Major Akshay Girish Kumar’s story from the day he was martyred. Maam, we don’t know each other personally but somehow feel so connected to you by your writings.

    Everytime I see a soldier, my heart swells with pride and my hand goes on its own accord to salute. There’s a sense of pride and respect that fills our heart the moment we see a soldier. Major Girish was a soldier in the true sense and we all are proud of him. We the countrymen remain highly indebted for the supreme sacrifice that the young soldier has made.

    Would love to know more about Major Akshay as a son, brother, husband, father, friend, comrade and above all a true citizen and a soldier. I truly admire you for having drawn strength to pen the words going down the memory lane, at this time of utmost grief the family is going through. This also says where this young soldier drew all the strength, courage and drive from. A Big salute to the ‘Mother’ in you.

    We as a nation stand by you and your family Maam and pray that the almighty give you the strength and courage to overcome the grief and irrevocable loss.

    He will remain to be an inspiration for the younger generation to forge toward a career in Armed force.

    Salute to Major Akshay Girish Kumar.

    Jai Hind!!!


  25. What a touching poem aunty! He is always with you and the family . He is inspiration to many of us. Your blog is heart warming. Salute to him and the entire family! Take care.


  26. Dear Meghna, just read ur son’s poem. Touches one instantly. His bravery is thanks to ur genes as I see u sharing these poems valiantly. Responding to each personally. No one who reads these posts cn go untouched. You and and ur son would live on in all our hearts. We may not meet but I certainly would like to Salute you. May God be there for you ….always. May Akshay live in many hearts…always.


    • Thank you- it is very thoughtful of you to so respond Priyamvada. Akshay’s loss is very difficult to cope with and writing helps. Maybe we will meet one day- who knows? Take care.


  27. Aunty I have been following you and neha di’s nd sangeeta mam’s post since i have heard about akshay sir. Be it facebook or anywhere else. I am so inspired by him that I am trying my best to gather every piece of knowledge about sir.
    Huge respect to him .
    And loads of love to you all.
    Akshay bhaiya was lucky enough to have such a beautiful family and vice a versa.
    Take care and keep posting 🙂


    • Thank you Sanchii. Its very sweet of you to say so. Yes, Akshay was a wonderful, flawless son, brother, husband, father and friend. Love and hugs to you. Take care.


  28. Hello Mrs Girish.. Though we are not connected in any sense but still I feel so much of attachment with you and your family.. I am so lucky to know about akshay ‘s story. He is a gem. I wish I could change things. I am a doctor, Persuing my post grads and your son has become a inspiration for me and I am sure for many others. Supreme respect 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Priya. Like Akshay, I am sure you also do your duty with utmost dedication. If you ever happen to treat soldiers or their families, do accord them the respect they deserve. All the best for your studies and take care.


  29. such lovely note on akshay,,,,,,,they say martyrs who lay their life get moksha……….not reborn etc…….but we need such akshays to be born every second.Mother India and mother like you-role model mothers………need him always.Jai hind..


    • Yes we do need more Akshay’s Kanaka- many have served and died for our country and many more will continue to do so. Our duty is to give them due respect and honour and try to be good citizens worth fighting for. Love and take care. Jai Hind!


  30. aunty i m really sorry to again distrurb you ,,,,,but aunty i have to …my soul says to..
    akshay girish ….MAJ. AKSHAY GIRISH….i am feeling so shameful that i was not knowing this god faced person before your post …..after this……i study about this guy …even saw him on facebook..i came to know a bit about his life . though i am having exams on april but i need have an curiosity to know more about his life.
    although aunty ….i can’t understand the feelings of a mother for her son’s absence ..ya but i can undrstand a bit of that sure…….
    aunty u hav got a son to whom i say tht he is one in million …he saved other lives and this is wat a true indian soldier is ….we all have lost him but ya …dont forget aunty he is still there and watching u ..sharing his memories..he might be smiling with tears ….the best mom he got …………….salute to the nation’s hero ……i really have to appreciate ….and aunty please sorry if i wrote in excess..


    • So sweet of you to reach out to us again Pratap….yes, I know our son was very special and we have lost him at least in this lifetime. It is a huge tragedy for us and we are doing our best to cope in our own way. All your support and concern helps- thank you. With your exams around the corner, do put in all efforts to do well. Our best wishes and prayers are with you. God bless you and your family. Love and take care.

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